Saint Lucia Honeymoons - The Natural Choice

What do you want to do on your honeymoon? No, we are not relating to an innuendo-based joke; it is a serious question that couples need to ask themselves. Luckily, Saint Lucia honeymoons have all the right answers.

There is, of course, no single answer to the question of just what the best honeymoon ideas are. What may be said with some certainty though is that this is a special event that you want to remember for the rest of your life, and that means that the selection of your destination is critically important. Choose the wrong destination and your romantic holiday may well be remembered for the rest of your life - but possibly for all the wrong reasons.

Why Saint Lucia honeymoons?

There is, of course, a certain magnetic quality when talking about the Caribbean, but even in that context, Saint Lucia honeymoons may be something a little different and very special.

The island has some absolutely breathtaking beaches in places such as Anse Chastenet, Labrelotte Bay and the Anse Des Pitons. Some of these are so stunning as to be almost beyond description, but what makes the island that bit different to begin with is that behind the beaches there is a fascinating hinterland just waiting to be explored too. There are some incredible hiking and walking trails where you will encounter flora and fauna that you may not have seen previously. Some of the views from some of the trail points are the sort of thing that once seen will never be forgotten - and for all the right reasons!

It might also be worth planning a visit to the island's volcano at Soufière, where you will have the opportunity to explore hot mud, steam vents and to take a dip in the steaming hot natural bath waters. If you like history, the island abounds with opportunities to see things such as historic forts, towns and colonial era plantations, some of which may still be working. Saint Lucians are justifiably proud of the island and its natural wonders, and these friendly people will be very keen to help you enjoy your stay and get your married life off to a memorable start.


St Lucia has a proud heritage of success in the arts and in places such as Castries and the town of Soufière (and some other locations) you may be able to see local artists working in a variety of genres and be able to purchase some of their wares. In both of those locations, plus places such as Rodney Bay, you will find extensive ranges of boutiques and designer shops and at prices that you may well find to be as attractive as the island itself! While memories of Saint Lucia honeymoons may be worth their weight in gold, perhaps taking something back with you that is a little more tangible just might help keep those memories that bit more alive.

Ross Stevenson is the General Manager of Cap Maison. With a reputation as the foremost luxury hotel on St Lucia, they provide a wide selection of services for St Lucia honeymoons and options for couples who want to enjoy a blissful Caribbean experience.

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