Connecticut - A Honeymoon Destination With A Difference

Searching for a beautiful and romantic honeymoon destination is never easy. Connecticut is not just a gorgeous state with abundant rivers, woods, lakes and breathtaking farm land, but it is also one of the most intriguing historical sites worldwide. If you want to take pleasure in the serene relaxation of a morning fishing trip, a train ride and a scenic boat along the River of Connecticut then this is the right place for you to visit. Well, I am sure you would love playing a game of blackjack with your partner in one of the Casinos located here. All these activities are surely going to be fun when your partner is around.

Camping in Connecticut
I must tell you that Camping in Connecticut is always great fun. The northern hills of Connecticut are the best ones to start your trip. You can check out the gorgeous camping cottages and luxury hotels located here just for the couples. The first class spa and fine dining options will definitely lure your partner. Well, you must try out RV camping here. It is quite riveting.

Discover the Coastline
First of all, you need to discover the coastline. The Aquarium and Mystic Seaport are situated on Long Island Sound in the southeastern part of this place. You can step back in time and enjoy with your partner. You can watch dolphins and Beluga whales performing in front of you. This would certainly be a life changing experience for you.

Things to do and places to see

• This place offers you a large number of clean rivers and lakes. Several public beaches are also located here and you need to come here with your partner to enjoy a nice time. One can easily enjoy swimming and snorkeling activities here.
• All the history buffs will love the grand tour of the Mark Twain House in the Hartford region. You can even pack your picnic lunch in order to impress your beautiful wife.
• I must tell you that a real hidden treasure for all the architectural lovers is the Norfolk Public Library. In the winter season, they regularly light the huge stone fireplace in order to keep their customers warm. You are definitely going to enjoy the romantic aura of this place.

At last, you can check out the various casinos one by one and play with your lucky wife. I am sure you are going to win loads of cash. Enjoy yourself once you come here.

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