Jamaica Celebrates the St James Parish

In this Jubilee year of independence, the Jamaican government is making the effort to recognize the successes found among all of the island nation's individual parishes. This was seen late last week when Governor General Patrick Allen paid a visit to St. James Parish to honour the region for all of her achievements in the 50 years since Kingston and London went their separate ways. Patrick spoke to the assembled crowd at the Hilton Rose Hall Hotel in Montego Bay.

During his speech Patrick was quick to point out all of the developments in the tourist sector since 1962. The parish has dramatically improved its infrastructure, resorts and dining options, Sangster International Airport, and the parishes' to major hospitals. He made mention of the fact that the St. James contribution to the nation's overall economy has been significant, especially in boosting the growth in foreign currency.

Beyond the just the tourism sector, St. James Parish has also worked hard to improve its educational system. New schools have been built, existing schools have been improved, and continuing education opportunities have been further developed at institutions like Montego Bay Community College and Sam Sharpe Teachers College. The area's schools have even joined forces with other institutions outside of the country to co-develop educational opportunities for Jamaican residents.

While Jamaica all inclusive holidays may not be the first thing travellers talk about when making holiday plans, the island nation is well worth a visit. Known as one of the friendliest places in the Caribbean, Jamaica has long been a destination perfect for holiday makers looking for a laid back, relaxed, and festive atmosphere. It's not uncommon for first-time visitors to be surprised at the warm reception they receive along with the fact that everyone they run into seems to be smiling.

If you like music, you'll have a grand holiday in Jamaica. Music is central to the Jamaican culture to the extent that hardly a day goes by when some sort of live performance isn't available. Jamaica is one of the world leaders in organized music festivals with dozens happening throughout the island at all times during the year. And being that 2012 marks the 50th year of Jamaica's independence the festivals and parties are even more numerous.

Jamaica is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to bring ex-pats and others to her shores for 2012. The island's resorts are doing their part with special package deals in conjunction with British Airways and other international carriers. If great deals are what you look for when making your holiday plans, there may be no better time than now to book your trip to Jamaica.

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