Why Your Ideal Holiday Might Be in Athens

Most people in the UK will gladly tell you that Greece is one of the best holiday destinations you can visit. They will probably tell you about the great nightlife, but will it be Athens nightlife they are talking about?

For most people, the first thing that grabs them about Athens is the contrast. Specifically what stands out is the contrast between ancient and modern. I think most of us recognise Athens as an ancient city; in fact it is one of the oldest in the world. In European terms it is fair to describe Athens as the forerunner of our civilisation, the first ever democracy for example, was created in the city state of Athens. You can still see many remarkable buildings from this period although many of the ancient buildings in the city also date from Roman times. What you might not expect at first though, is to find the thriving, vibrant and modern city that has grown up among these ancient buildings.

You could write a hundred articles on just the ancient sites of Athens and you will often see these buildings on lists of top 10 ancient sites in the world. A few of the regular contenders are the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Theatre of Dionysus.

When you think of a symbol of ancient Greece, it is probably the hugely recognisable structure of the Parthenon that spring to mind. Dedicated to the goddess Athena, this Doric building is widely accepted as one of the most important surviving buildings from the era. The building was completed in 432 B.C. and since then has been a Greek temple, a church and a mosque. Two and a half thousand years later it is still there standing proudly overlooking the city centre.

There are many acropoleis (citadels) in Greece, but such is the significance of the acropolis in Athens that it is typically just referred to as the acropolis. If you didn't think of the Parthenon when I asked you to think of an ancient building, then it was probably the acropolis that you thought of.

The Theatre of Dionysus is one of the oldest of the outdoor theatres in Athens, built in 534 bc. The remains of the site are remarkable and should be considered as part of any visit to Athens. The theatre is located close to the Acropolis and can be visited on the same trip.

After spending your day exploring these ancient sites, don't forget to dust yourself off and see the other side of the city. Dont forget that Athens has a young and lively population who like nothing better than enjoying the warm evenings in the taverns. My favourite area in town is Plakas, where if you follow your nose (or the sound of music) you will soon find somewhere to spend the evening.

Visiting Athens can be done as a fantastic city break, but as ferries to the Greek islands depart from nearby Piraeus. If you are flying into Athens airport before heading out to the islands seriously consider spending some time here. Another reason that you might end up passing through Athens is if you take a ferry from Italy on your way to the islands. Again this will actually dock in Patra which is around two and half hours away, but you should still spend time in Athens before onward travel.

When you visit Athens have a great time!

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Staying at the Orchid in Hutong

The Orchid is a concession to modernity in the narrow and ancient lanes of the Hutong walkways of Beijing. This chic and urban hotel is nestled between houses numbered 63 and 67 in the bylanes of Hutong. Reaching it can be a challenge for many first timers in Hutong.

What to expect at The Orchid in Hutong

The architectural layout of the hotel is quite pleasing to the eye. It has a tiered design with rounded passageways and a traditional roof design that curves gently. The whole structure is reminiscent of the Qin Era. Exposed beams run across the roofs of the bedrooms lending a rustic Hutong touch and yet keeping the Zen feeling intact. The hotel is run by famous cooking class teacher Joel Shuchat along with the owner of Houhai based Tao Yao Bar, Youngcall. Joel Shuchat is a Canadian tea exporter while Youngcall is Tibetan and an accountant by qualification.

Amenities at The Orchid in Hutong

This hotel has provisions for ten bedrooms. Even though the rooms are not large, they provide all modern amenities. Chinese hotels are famous for hard mattresses, which is not the case at The Orchid. Each bedroom is provided with huge beds, customized mattresses, down comforters, full access to internet and fully equipped bathrooms with western style toilets. The interiors of the rooms are decorated with traditional bamboo lanterns and some potted plants, which give it a nice blend of Chinese and Tibetan culture. Guests, who check into the upscale rooms, known as the Yin and Yang suites, enjoy the facilities of a private terrace where they can lounge around. The rooms cost between 600 Yuan and 1200 Yuan on a nightly basis.

There are quite a few rooftop decks in the hotel, which offer a view of the Drum Tower as well as the Bell Tower. The hotel is further equipped with a courtyard, a bar and a restaurant serving Fujian cuisine. The bar comfortably seats twelve people at a time and serves wheat ale, beer and several varieties of Italian wine. Guests at the bar can take their pick of snacks and cheese platters along with their drinks. The specialty of the house, however, is the types of tea brews available here. The dining room in the hotel has more of an intimate setting with the kitchen doors left open to display the new and shiny kitchen equipment.

Several garden passageways and stairwell connect the various parts of the hotel. The tree gardens in the hotel form a secluded woodsy area right in the middle of the city giving visitors a feel of living in the countryside.

Service at The Orchid in Hutong

As a boutique hotel, The Orchid enjoys a good reputation due to the quality of service and the amenities it provides. Expats as well as local people turn to The Orchid when they want a taste of luxury during their visit to the city. It is a charming hideout and a wonderful place to stay in.

So, the next time you visit Beijing on business or for pleasure, you know where to stay in order to live in the lap of traditional luxury.

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Attractions in the Balearic Islands

Beautiful Spanish holidays

Spain is the European country that knows how to please its tourists. This is the reason why millions of people visit it every year and they all leave the country satisfied with the holiday they spend there and with the hope that they will soon return. You can see hundreds of things in Spain. Thus, a holiday spent there is never enough to see everything that the country has to offer! However, if there is only one destination that you can choose, then choose the Balearic Islands! These islands are the perfect combination of sun, long beaches, spectacular views and delicious food, so it is certain that you will desperately fall in love with them!

Visiting Majorca

As its Spanish name tells us, Majorca is the largest of all the Balearic Islands and also the most popular. The beautiful city of Palma de Mallorca is also the capital city of the islands and a place where you will have a lot of fun, because you have numerous entertainment possibilities at your disposal! It seems like the city never sleeps, so you will always find a good music to listen to, something tasty to try or a club where you can have fun dancing! Majorca is a magical island and a tour of the island will take you through stunning landscapes dominated by lemon groves and pine forests, fertile green valleys and outstanding Mountain ranges. The historical center of Palma de Mallorca is packed with narrow, cobbled streets, while the excellent restaurants located around the marina patiently wait for you with some of the tastiest dishes you have ever tried!

Visiting Menorca

If you need a more peaceful place for your holiday because you want to have a nice rest, Menorca is the right destination for you. It has lovely sandy beaches where you can have a nice tan enjoying the warm, delicate sun. It also has charming fishing villages where you still have the chance to see some of the old customs and traditions of the country, because they managed to survive in these remote places. Menorca has two cities that deserve your attention: Mao, which is now the island's capital and Ciutadella, its ancient capital. Surely, you will love them both, because they are historical places. You should enjoy Spain and the Balearic Islands to the fullest, as there are few places in the world that are at par with them!

Spain offers so many possibilities just browse spanish villa and villa costa brava in all its popular regions and if you are looking for exotic holiday just visit villas lloret de mar. Spain will eventually be the holiday you dreamt of coming true.

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Anniversary Cruises to St Petersburg

Couples looking for something a little different on their anniversary should consider Baltic cruises to St Petersburg.

Nicknamed the Venice of the North, this beautiful city is perfect for a romantic getaway, whether you want to take advantage of stunning sightseeing opportunities, enjoy a meal with your partner or simply take a stroll.

The city and its monuments are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this is evident in its amazing architecture and historical wonders.

One of the best times of year to visit is in the summer, when you can take in the White Nights festival.

This extravaganza showcases fantastic ballet, theatre and musical acts, highlighting the region's cultural and historical roots.

The Scarlet Sails event is one of the most popular at White Nights, with a spectacular fireworks display and live performances being a favourite with tourists and locals alike.

If you are keen to see the sights in St Petersburg, there is plenty to keep you occupied, with a day trip to the Peterhof Palace and Gardens a definite must.

This collection of beautifully constructed palaces boasts huge fountains and extravagant sculptures, making it the perfect destination for filling up your anniversary photo album.

Keen to brush up on your cultural knowledge? The Hermitage Museum is one of the oldest and most impressive collections of historically significant items in the world.

More than three million pieces are contained within its walls, although not all are on show at any one time, making it a top tourist attraction in the city.

Those wanting to take a break from the sights can always spend a day shopping at St Petersburg's main shopping district - Nevsky Prospekt.

This is an ideal spot to pick up an anniversary gift for your partner, with the street having numerous high-end boutiques, designer department stores and souvenir markets.

Nevsky Prospekt is also a great place to start if you are hoping to enjoy a night out on the town, with most of the city's clubs, bars and restaurants located here.

Couples looking for a romantic dinner together can select from a range of excellent eateries in St Petersburg, whether you fancy authentic Russian cuisine or international fare.

For a really special night out for just the two of you, Caviar Bar is one of St Petersburg's most luxurious restaurants.

Here, you can select from a range of tasty appetisers and an extensive fish menu, while experimenting with a choice of five deluxe Russian vodka brands.

St Petersburg in Russia is the perfect stop for couples on anniversary cruises. Take a look at the range of Baltic cruises on offer at MSC Cruises to book your ideal romantic holiday today.

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Things To Do On A Vacation to The Bahamas

The territory of the Bahamas is located east of the coast of Florida. This archipelago of islands houses' the third largest barrier reef in the world and the longest underwater cave system in the world. Bahamas has more than 700 small islands combined and is one of the most important of the Caribbean destination for water sports activities. The different small islands are called "Out Island" which is a term for islands located away from the mainland. Nonetheless, there are two exceptions. These are New Providence Island and Freeport Grand Bahama Island. Many of these islands are close to each other making them ideal target for activities such as sport fishing, sailing, water skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling and island hopping. Additionally, the islands offer a quiet and natural environment for visitors to enjoy, relax and have fun.

Snorkeling in the Bahamas

The islands offer some trilling experiences for visitors wishing to travel from island to island. Water sporting activities are by far some of the most exciting things to do on each island. One of the main activities done is snorkeling. Some of the major snorkeling destinations include Stocking Island San Salvador, Elbow Cay, Paradise islands, Grand Bahama Island and Long Island. These islands offer enthralling experiences for visitors with its underwater caves and beautiful coral reefs. Also, visitors have the opportunity to snorkeling and swimming with pods of dolphins when the conditions are most favorable. Moreover, hotels on these islands offer snorkeling equipment and organize boat cruise for visitors to snorkel offshore, and participate in various water activities.

Place to go Fishing and Site Seeing

Fishing is another of vacations to Bahamas top events. The Treasure Cay, Green Turtle Cay, New Providence Island, Abaco Inn, Grand Bahama, The Exumas, Kamalame Cay and Green Turtle Club Resort and Marina allows for some of the most exciting fishing expedition in the Bahamas. These destinations have excellent activities organized around fishing and sailing for guests to have fun. Also, there are great selections of clubs that allows private sailing expeditions for visitors. Some other attractions that visitors can enjoy are the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center. These are ideal for nature lovers. The Atlantis Water Park is one of the most famous places to have fun in the Bahamas. The destination offers fun with exciting water sports for all ages. Visitors enjoy exciting rides and spectacular water slides.

Top Hotels in the Bahamas

The Bahamas offers a number of top rated hotels for visitors to enjoy its different vacation offer. There is the Cove Atlantis which offers visitors a modern atmosphere of the fineness hotels activities in the Caribbean with it exciting water sporting activities. The Royal Plantation Island is a couple's dream of a vacation or honeymoon. It is an ideal place for a group visiting as well. Other exciting destinations in the Bahamas are Pink Sands, The Reef Atlantis, Sandals Grande Emerald Bay, Kamalame Cay and Atlantis Coral Towers.

The islands of the Bahamas are exciting places to visit. They offer some of the best water activities anyone can think of. The territory spectacle coastal marine life and coral reefs is the fueled by the Gulf Stream phenomenon. The Gulf Stream is a system where strong and warm ocean currents produced by the Gulf of Mexico move into the Atlantic Ocean. This has fed the spectacle marine life of coastal Bahamas. Remember Bahamas is a place where you can find some to the best hotels in the Caribbean.

Memorable Quote 1: I can do all thing through Christ who strengthen me.

Memorable Quote 2: Through rough roads reach the stars

Author - I am a graduate of the NCU where I completed a degree in business marketing. I have an innovative mind set and have a willingness to accept new challenges.

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Cultural Events in the Dominican Republic

Every country that has had as many different nations mixed throughout history as the Dominican Republic has had will always have a rich cultural life. You can only imagine the culture of people from Spain, people from Africa and the local Taino people brought together in one entity - which is what we have today on this paradise island in the Caribbean.

Here is a list of some of the most important and most interesting cultural events that take place in the Dominican Republic throughout the year:

• The Merengue Festival - Taking place in the town of Puerto Plata in the first week of October, this amazing festival is a celebration of the countryside harvests. It is a very interesting holiday, with a lot of different concerts, street performers, places to buy local home-made foods and drinks and so on. What's very interesting about this festival is that visitors can learn how local crafts are made and how their crops are grown, as well.

• The Cultural Festival - Even though it has a pretty unimaginative name, this festival will give you a chance to experience the best that the local music scene has to offer. Also taking place in Puerto Plata during the end of June, jazz, blues, merengue and local folk music is played and local dance troupes tend to spice up the whole atmosphere with salsa or African spiritual dances.

• The Latin Music Festival - In June, the city of Santo Domingo becomes a Latin music scene for a period of three whole days. Latin singers and performers from this country and from all over the world give visitors a unique opportunity to experience the wealth of Latin music.

• Cabarete Fun - If you happen to be in the Dominican Republic during the month of February, be sure to visit Cabarete. This town literally goes wild during February. Namely, every weekend during this month in Cabarete features a different festival. Therefore, there is a mountain bike race, a kite flying festival, a sand castle competition and a surfing and windsurfing competition at the end of the month.

All in all, it can be concluded that the Dominican Republic is a very interesting country to visit, if we consider all of the cultural events available to visitors. These events which have been mentioned are only a few of the most important ones, but there are still many more events that are worth visiting while vacationing on this picturesque island.

Wherever you choose to travel, you should do some research on the subjects you are interested in. This article will help you be informed and know where to go while visiting the destination you have chosen.

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Weekend Escape From Hyderabad

Living in a single place over a long period of time has its negative effects, one of it being monotony. We tend to get bored with a certain place after having spent a considerable amount of time there, but we just can't leave our entire life behind and settle in a new interesting place right. Well one way to break the monotony is a weekend getaway to a nearby place, the best way to re energize our self and return back to our life with new vigour.

Having lived in Hyderabad for a considerable amount of time we were getting a little bored of the humdrum life that the city was offering so we organized one such weekend escape from Hyderabad to Nalgonda an offbeat destination away from the various tourist traps. Nalgonda is a unique little town about 100 km from Hyderabad famous for its forts, parks and Dam. The relaxing and laid back lifestyle away from the stresses of city life is just what the doctor had ordered.

Nalgonda offers several places wherein you can enjoy a hearty meal and a comfortable stay that too at a reasonable price. There are also several tourist destinations in and around the town that makes for an interesting sightseeing activity. Some of the prominent attractions are the two hills in the town on top which a Dargah (Lateef Saheb dargah) stands, there is another hill named Kapurala gutta that provide excellent trekking opportunity, Rajiv Park and Municipal Park, Yadagiri Gutta, Nagarjuna Sagar, Bhuvanangiri Fort, Mattapalli, Vaadapalli and much more.

It was truly some experience at Nalgonda especially standing at the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam (world's largets Masonry Dam). However if Nalgonda does not appeals much to you there are several other destinations near Hyderabad that would offer a pleasant escape from Hyderabad for instance Bhongir 47 km from the city known for its forts and natural scenic beauty, Sangareddy 56 km away known for it temples and mosques, Warangal 148 km from city popular for its temples, forts and gardens, Guntur a 4.5 hr drive renowned for its caves and temples, Vijaywada 4.5 hr drive a popular destination renowned for its gardens,caves, temples, forts and museums.

Apart from the above mentioned destinations there are still many more destinations both the popular ones and the unexplored ones. So put on your explorer hat today and explore a new destination, experience its sights and sounds and re energize your life.

For more information about Hyderabad Sightseeing and Online Booking Services, Please visit our website for booking Hotels in Hyderabad at http://www.holidayiq.com/.

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Beautiful Beaches Beckoning You At Oahu

Oahu, also known as Hawaii's Gathering Isle, is one of the most beautiful places to see. The beaches, the landscape and the moors will overwhelm you with their scenic beauty. What all places and delights await you, once you reach the mystical land of Oahu, read on below.

If there is one word synonymous with Hawaii Islands, it's beautiful! You would agree that Hawaii has been blessed with Nature's best work and the entire place is nothing less than paradise. Oahu isle is one of the largest Hawaii islands and has a lot to offer to the average tourist. From Waikiki to Ko'olau, you will enjoy every big or small delight that add a star to this place.

Here is a list of Oahu sightseeing spots that are most loved and quite famous around the world:

* Diamond Head: this world famous volcanic crater is located on the South-east Coast of Oahu at the end of Waikiki overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The crystal stones that embellish the crater are responsible for its name, which was given by British sailors in the 1800s.

* Pali Lookout: These 985 foot cliffs of the Koolau Mountain Range, provides the best views of Oahu. The place has a historical significance too, as it was here that hundreds of Oahu's soldiers were thrown by King Kamehameha's troops. This tragic event dates back to 1795. Come up here to enjoy the strong winds and take a panoramic view of Kaneohe Bay, Chinaman's Hat, and Hawaii Pacific's Windward Campus.

* China Man's Hat: It is a small island located at the north end of Kaneohe Bay, offshore of Kualoa Regional Beach Park. It is called as Mokolii by the locals as it means "little lizard" in Hawaiian. The reason for it being called China Man's Hat is due to its cone shape, which resembles the peasant's hat worn in China. A visit to this little island will make you feel the beauty of the Sea and the feeling of being one with Nature.

* Kaaawa Valley: Once a crop site, and now a lush green landscape. Visiting this place will make you identify with the true traits of Nature's beauty.

* Mormon Temple: The first thing you will notice about this temple is its stark white beautiful architecture. The reflection of the temple in the pool before it also makes for excellent dramatic photo options. The Temple has been there for nearly a century now.

* Sunset Beach: Yes, it's the same one that you have seen in the movies. Enjoy the strong waves and other water sport activities on a beach that receives thousands of visitors daily.

* Waimea Bay: This one is a surfer's delight. The waves are high and great fun to master.

* Turtle Bay: Visit this bay to have a closer look at- 'Honu'- or as they are called in English- Hawaiian Sea Turtles. Some of them weigh more than a 100 pounds, and rest on the beach. You can observe them easily-a great delight for families with little children!

* Haleiwa City - The oldest and the first ever town of Oahu invites you for exciting shopping options and the feel of an old world city. Roam around-explore and get wowed by the decades old architecture.

* Dole Pineapple Plantation: See how legend was created by visiting the Dole Plantation. How James Dole took his empire to a staggering $10 billion, will be an interesting thing to learn here.

All these beautiful-scenic and historic place to visit, and you can do that in one day with Oahu island tours. Go ahead the Oahu experience awaits you.

The writer is a travel consultant with Royal Hawaiian Tour, the expert planners of the Oahu island tour.

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How to Cut Down Costs on Your Machu Picchu Tour

As with so many things related to tourism in Peru, visitors and travelers are often offered a "gringo price" or flat-out different options than national Peruvian citizens. This is especially so in more visited destinations such as Machu Picchu. This is why booking Machu Picchu travel packages are frequently a good idea to consider, because you won't have to worry about watching your wallet every step of the way. But if you're wondering how to get to Machu Picchu for a cheaper price but still want the comforts of a tailored tour, consider the following detail changes that could make all the difference:

1. Stay in the Sacred Valley rather than Aguas Calientes - The town of Aguas Calientes is situated just below the Inca citadel, making it the most accessible location to base yourself out of if the archeological site is your focus. However, a cheaper and arguably even more beautiful place to spend the night is the Sacred Valley of the Incas about 1 hour away. This area, tucked in between the magnificent Andes mountains that surround it, is a luscious region once treasured at the heart of the Inca Empire. Better yet, prices for accommodations and food here are much lower than those in Aguas Calientes so you can save you soles for another day.

2. Walk up to Machu Picchu - From Aguas Calientes, travelers to Machu Picchu have a choice of either taking a short bus ride up to the entrance, or going by foot. Not only is the short hike good for getting some fitness in, it is a free way of reaching the mountaintop site. It takes about 45 minutes to get there, but the added benefit of doing it yourself is that you'll truly feel as if you've earned the stunning view once you're in front of it. Then, take a rest and just bask in the amazing vista in front of you.

3. Pack your own snacks - In addition to everything else, food and snacks in Aguas Calientes are pricier than anywhere else. Therefore, it would be smart to bring your own items such as from Cusco before you arrive. Good eats to bring are items with peanuts and sugar which will give you boosts of needed energy for your day, especially if you plan on walking to the top, hiking Huayna Picchu, or generally strolling around. Of course, be sure to bring enough water and other refreshments so you aren't caught dehydrated!

This article about going to Machu Picchu was written by a travel expert Peru For Less who specializes in helping you figure out how to get to Machu Picchu by organizing fully customized Machu Picchu travel packages for your Peru holidays.

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Where to Stay in Bantry Bay, Cape Town

Bantry bay is located on Lion's head's slope which dominates the rocky shoreline and act as a notable residential area of Cape Town. It was originally known with the name of Botany Bay because of the plantation of medical herbs in a botanical garden but it was renamed after the 1st World War. The Lion's Head that overlooks the city is actually a melted core of an antiquated volcano. Because of its protected and secluded settlement, the place is known to be the best wind free area which grabs the attention of thousands of tourists who take Cape Town flights and experience the relaxed and calm environment of the area. The wind that whistles through all the place of Cape Peninsula does not make any difference to this picturesque bay which is bordered with a wide agglomeration of luxurious and exclusive accommodations.

Ellerman House -This amazing bliss 'home for home' hotel is a classic accommodation for discerning visitors who are in search of extreme pleasure and joy of life. The blend of ancient architecture with efficient hospitality and discreet service reflects the charismatic aura that is truly unique. It offers you 11 beautiful and breathtaking rooms that all provide the sweeping views of Atlantic Ocean and Robin Island. The magical vistas that are observable from the private balconies and from the pool side are extremely jaw drooping and mind blowing. Ellerman House is an ideal springboard that serves as the oasis of many temptations of Cape Town like the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, golf courses, spectacular scenic drives, majestic Table Mountain, word class restaurants and sun-drenched beaches. Its professional and master chefs are always ready to serve you the most delicious and mouth watering food of the world and also it is included in the list of purple shield hotels of the world.

O on Kloof- This magical place offers you warm welcome in the most elegant and eye-catchy ambiance. The rooms are supremely innovative and stylish and are beautifully adorned with an excellent choice of sophisticated furnishing and dashing themes. Don't miss the chance of experiencing the exquisite outdoor dining and superb service, with the most amazing views of the nearby surroundings. It boasts of its well equipped gymnasium which remains open day and night and also its wonderful spa that provides you plenty of opportunities of unwinding and tranquility. You must also hit the bar which is loaded with the most dainty and refreshing cocktails.

Compass House- Compass House is located in close vicinity of city centre and on 2 minutes distance from the beach front. It offers a very calm and warm atmosphere that id delicately designed with African, Asian and Mediterranean designs. The place is considered to be the ideal one for honeymooners who will rather think to arrange their marriage here, because of its immense beauty and extreme bewitchment. What else you need other than the giant circular Jacuzzis, private balconies encircled with jaw dropping and mind blowing natural scenery and mahogany beds in spacious and luxurious rooms. So don't miss the opportunity to stay at this heaven when you in Bantry Bay.

Don't hesitate to take cheap flights to Cape Town and explore the Bantry Bay stay outs.

The author of this article Eva Benz, writes travel articles for holiday destinations around the globe, in collaboration with Travelhouseuk. You can search millions of flights deals online and get Bargain Flights, Cheap Airline tickets, last minute flights and many more cheap airline flight deals.

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Holiday Parks - An Introduction to the UK Industry

Holiday parks in the UK refer to self catering accommodation complexes, traditionally consisting of mostly caravans but also extending to lodges and apartments.

A number of companies have built up larger portfolios of holiday parks in the UK, increasingly allowing them to move closer to full holiday resorts. Depending on the facilities and also the time of year, they may target families or couples of the older generation. Some resorts such as Butlins are also known for hen parties.

The largest holiday park operator in terms of the number of resorts is Park Resorts. They operate 39 different locations throughout the UK, all of which are near to or on the beach. All the parks have caravans and many have lodges as well as bungalows, chalets and even 2 hotels.

Haven is probably the most well known of these companies in the UK. Almost all their accommodation at their 35 venues is caravans. Like Park Resorts, all the Haven Holidays parks are situated around the UK's coast. Almost all have at least an indoor or outdoor pool, many have both and some have extensive slides or a Space Bowl water ride.

Park Holidays UK and Parkdean are the other two large UK park operators with 25 and 24 locations respectively. Unlike the other companies mentioned, Park Holidays UK focuses specifically on the south of England.

John Fowler Holidays operate 14 more basic holiday parks whose facilities don't tend to stretch beyond a small swimming pool and entertainment/dining venue. Hoburne operate 7 resorts in the South West of England.

The three final companies worth mentioning are among the smallest in terms of quantity of parks but are actually incredibly well known. Pontins and Butlins have 5 and 3 parks respectively, and are very definitely holiday resorts with extensive facilities and even some hotel accommodation. Center Parcs is on the edge of the holiday park category, usually costing more with their lodge-only accommodation in tree filled grounds.

Apart from the beaches that many holiday parks are known for, most now have at least one swimming pool. Almost all have a restaurant and some form of evening entertainment, whilst some have dedicated stages for shows. Another popular feature is the kids club, so that parents can spend some time relaxing without their children. In general, activities relate to the outdoors with organised sports, golf and mini golf, fishing and nature trails. However, other parks have indoor features such as large games rooms and even bowling alleys.

With the different experiences available from different companies and locations across the country, holiday parks in their wider definition are likely to appeal to a greater portion of the population, especially with the ease of taking a holiday without any air travel, and without much difficulty finding a parking space.

If you're considering taking a trip to one of the UK's holiday parks, it's worth researching all the available options in terms of company, location and specific facilities. Find Parks is a new directory of UK holiday parks with feature listings, reviews and most importantly the ability to filter through the hundreds of potential resorts by desired features such as swimming pools, golf courses and more.

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Historical Sites of Cambodia

Thousands of people choose to take one of the many fantastic Cambodia holidays every year, although for many though this holiday destination is still a mystery. This article looks to give you an idea of just a few of the brilliant historical sites you can visit on a holiday here.

Top of our list is the famous Angkor Wat. It's one of the most famous temple sites in the world and also happens to boast the title of the largest religious building on the planet. The site is just less than 1.5 square kilometers in size and despite being hundreds of years old the buildings are still in remarkably good condition, it's continues to survive the passing of years and thousands of tourists the visit every year. From the exterior it's easy to see why Angkor Wat is so famous, with its impressive turreted form and beautiful appearance; to really experience its beauty though you need to visit the site in the early morning to see the sunrise over the beautiful peaks of the temple.

Next on the list and in a similar vein to Angkor Wat, are Angkor Thom and the fantastic Bayon temple located here. Angkor Thom is located just 15 miles from the Angkor Wat site and is know to be the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer empire; its name translates into "Great City". Some of the sites most famous structures include the five entrance gates that feature the four faces of Avalokiteshvara, a Buddhist god; the Phimeanakas Temple, located on the site that was once the royal palace; and the fantastic Baphuon Temple, which is currently being restored.

The last item in that list, the Bayon temple, is worth a mention on its own too, as it's one of the most notable buildings on the Angkor Thom site. The temple is well know for featuring the Stone Heads of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, hundreds of stone faces of the god Avalokiteshvara adorn the surface of this impressive building, it really is an incredible sight.

Finally we have the beautiful ruins of the Temple of Ta Prohm. Where as the other sites in this article are constantly being restored and conserved, the Temple of Ta Prohm has been allowed to gradually be reclaimed by nature and because of this it offers a fantastic opportunity so see what happens when a site is reclaimed by nature. The temple has become a sort of homage to the power of time and nature; the curling vines and mossy stones really do evoke a strange sense of peace and beauty.

This article was written on behalf of Bridge and Wickers who offer a great selection of Cambodia holidays as well as other Vietnam holidays.

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Five Most Interesting Places To Visit In Brisbane

Whether you are visiting Brisbane on business or use it as a stopping point to other parts of Queensland for a beach holiday, you should at least spend a few days in this city.

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland is sandwiched between Sunshine Coasts and Gold Coasts. Many visitors enter Queensland through Brisbane International or Brisbane Domestic Airport.

Well, many people think there is nothing much to see and do here and come to a conclusion that Brisbane is boring.

Surprisingly, there are enough things to do and interesting places to go other than shopping, wining and dining.

The first place to start is to head to the Tourist Information Center located in Queen Street Mall in Brisbane CBD for some maps and brochures.

If you plan to stay here for a day or two, here are five most interesting places which you must visit.

South Bank Parkland

There is much more to do in South Bank than just parkland. First, the Queensland cultural center which is a cluster of Performing Arts, Museum, Art Gallery and convention center are located here.

This is the ideal place to live, play, learn, exercise, relax and celebrate.

But not everyone is into arts and culture. Well, there is nothing more interesting than to cool off in the Street Beach overlooking the Brisbane river or take a relaxing stroll by the river bank.

And on weekends street markets and busking performances come alive with music, exciting arts and crafts, home wares, home-made spices and sauces, souvenir, clothes and exotic foods.

Stay in one of the apartment or hotel to enjoy the glittering lights of Brisbane city and river.

There are plenty of affordable cafes and restaurants here or if you prefer a family picnic on the lush greenish lawn.

As for gourmet eater there are contemporary or international cuisines to tempt your taste buds. Just head to Little Stanley Street which is one block away. Menu here include Indian, Japanese, Turkish, Mediterranean, Modern Australian and Italian.

Whatever you choose you will not be disappointed.

After a day of touring, why not complete your day with the latest movie at the South Bank Cinema on Grey Street. Movie tickets here are very affordable.

Access to South Bank is an easy ten minutes walk across the Victoria Bridge from the top of Queen Street Mall in the city.

Another popular route is via the Goodwill Bridge from the Botanical Gardens.

You can recognize this place by the iconic wheel of Brisbane, which is another giant ferris wheel.

Brisbane River Cruise

Nothing beat a cruise along the winding Brisbane River. There are two different ways to take this trip, one is to book a river cruise which can be expensive and another is to ride on the Brisbane CityCat.

The Brisbane CityCat is part of the ferry services, one of the public transports network operated by Translink. It is an excellent way to take in the spectacular view of the city by night.

Mount Coot-tha

Mount Coot-tha is another great place to capture the fantastic panorama view of the city. There is a scenic lookout, Botanic Gardens and Sir Thomas Planetarium to spent your day.

Wild Life Sanctuary

Now not all cities' attractions are concentrated near the city. A great way to experience native wild life at close range is to take a trip to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Here you can feed the Kangaroos, cuddle the cute Koala, learn about Australian native flora and wildlife. You are expected to spend a full day here.

Story Bridge Climb

A climb to the top of the Story Bridge is a must for those who love adventures.

At the height of 80m this will definitely keep your pulse rate racing as you go higher. Standing at the top you can feel the fresh air; see the city skyline and Moreton Bay to the east.

And if you want more, you can choose to abseil down safely with one of its pylons into the Captain Burke Park.

And if you decide to spend more time here, you can explore places just out of Brisbane such as Redcliff Peninsular, Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island or locally known as Straddie.

Are you ready to visit Brisbane and stay in one of the hotel here?

If you are planning to have a holiday in Brisbane, you should check out Brisbane Holiday Guide.

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Activity Holidays In Portugal

To experience the real Portugal, a cycling break is one great option. If you ignore the popular Algarve region and look further north, you will see the Silver Coast. The quieter and less commercialised region of the 'Costa da Prata' makes ideal cycling territory. There are organised tours available, but you would be better advised hiring a bicycle and arranging your own accommodation. With sleepy towns and villages, excellent local restaurants, and beautiful scenic views of the Portuguese rural landscape consisting of apple and pear orchards and vineyards, there is a world of wildlife and culture that one can get really close to by bicycle.

The warmth and hospitality of the inhabitants, the charm and the distinct regional differences, always give holidays on Portugal's Silver Coast a certain uniqueness. A surfing vacation in Portugal's Silver Coast can give you thrills from the waves during the day and an opportunity to enjoy first class accommodation and some superb restaurants at night. The Atlantic provides some good surf and the waters off Portugal's Silver Coast are globally recognised as being for excellent relaxing holidays as well as the more strenuous ones. You will probably come across surfing competitions, especially if you spend some time along the coast. The surfing culture here features a unique feel on a few of the best undeveloped and quietest beaches in Europe. Being less crowded in these surroundings can occasionally seem pretty unbelievable but naturally during July and August the beaches get more visitors.

Portugal's Silver Coast enjoys some good Atlantic winds, which will make the waters perfect for many wind and water sports, and it is especially favoured by windsurfers. Harnessing the power of the wind and scooting along the shoreline in the grip of a warm breeze is virtually guaranteed anytime from the year, with all-year-round ideal possibilities for your sport.

Hiking and rambling can be a real pleasure in the open spaces of the Silver Coast. The rolling hills of the Costa da Prata are great for activities such as walking and adventure-based pursuits. Anything from bird spotting to nature walking could be enjoyed in a variety of landscapes. There are some huge lakes and some winding rivers, and the hilly landscape provide a diverse choice for different sports, and of course, camping.

You could enjoy almost any kind of adventure sport on Portugal's Silver Coast, from snorkelling and diving to hiking and paddle boarding. The whole country is actually an outdoor playground, with lots of quality places to stay for a few nights or longer. Villas here are in most cases ready for the activity holidaymaker. The freedom and fun of self catering means you could eat out or eat in, whatever you please, and use your villa as a headquarters to do everything you enjoy. You might travel alone, or with family and friends, or book an organised activity break, when you come to Portugal's Silver Coast you will discover it has something for everybody. The rush of adrenalin from water sports, the slower pace of pony trekking and walking on the rolling hills of the Silver Coast of Portugal...it is all here waiting you for you to discover it.

Portugal is better known as a tourist destination in the south of the country, but if you travel a little further north you will find places for excellent holidays and all the things mentioned in the article. For the best deals, search for Self Catering Accommodation and Self Catering Portugal.
Thank you.

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Incredible Kerala Temples for Devotees

Kerala is rich with hill stations, sea shores, natural beauty, wonderful landscapes, greenery and many more attractions as well. Among all these lures, tourists are willing to know about the popular holy places of Kerala. The Kerala shrine have their own significance for the global devotees as well.

Kerala state is one of the most renowned states of South India. This land is blessed with pleasurable climate, awesome panoramas and sanctuaries as well. Most of the visitors are crazy to know about the temples of the State. Some of the renowned shrines of Kerala are Sabarimala temple, Vadakkumnathan temple, Padmanabhaswamy temple, Guruvayur temple and so on. All these temples are designed truly amazingly. Besides it, the devotees love to do worship in enchanting shrines of South India. However, the Kerala temples are the best suited holy spots for all devotees. Let us talk about some best known Kerala temples as follows:

Guruvayur Temple
This holy place is one of the most prominent shrines of Kerala. It is located in the Thrissur district of Kerala. This sanctuary is devoted to the Lord Vishnu. Visitors can discover the numbers of amazing statues or monuments of Lord Vishnu in this shrine. Most of the images of Lord Vishnu are made up from the exceptional stone as Patala Anjana. You can also discover the various paintings or sculptures of Vishnu in his images and statues as well. Moreover, the architectural design of this shrine is very amazing. Thus, Guruvayur temple has special importance for the Vishnu's devotees.

Sabarimala Temple
This sanctuary is also renowned among the global devotees. This shrine is situated in the Western Ghat mountain ranges of Pathanamthitta region in Kerala. This temple is dedicated to the Lord "Ayyappa". Tourists can also discover the various images of the Lord Ayyappa in this shrine. Additionally, the interesting fact is that, this shrine opens for the devotees during the time of popular festivals like Makaravilakku, Mandalapooja, Chitra Vishnu and so on. This holy place is designed really gracefully. Hence, the Sabarimala Temple is the ideal sacred spot for the world's adherents.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Padmanabhaswamy temple is also located in the Kerala. This holy place is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. You can find out the various statues and sculptures of Lord Vishnu which are adorned with gold and exceptional stones. All these statues and monuments of Lord Vishnu are designed truly wonderfully. However, the Padmanabhaswamy Temple has exceptional importance for the Vishnu's lovers.

Vadakkumnathan Temple
The Vadakkumnathan temple is one of the largest and oldest shrines of Kerala. This holy place is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. There are many icons or sculptures of Lord Shiva which are designed very wonderfully. This shrine is a wonderful example of Kerala architecture as well. Moreover, there are four gopurams (gate tower) located at every corner of this holy place. Hence, this shrine is very popular amid the Shiva's enthusiasts.

In short, Kerala temple have exceptional significance for the world's devotees.

Sweta sinha is a professional writer, presently writing for Kerala Backwaters

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Sacred Valley of Cusco

Cusco, considered as the archeological capital of America, is an exquisite land that combines mountains, valleys and jungle. Machu Picchu is the most visited and known tourist destiny in the city, but it's definitely not the only one. For those tourists who are looking for a different experience, there is the Sacred Valley of Cusco, the center of Inca civilization between the 14th and 15th century, with its unique geographic and climatic characteristics.

Known as the Sacred Valley of the Incas as well, it's located in the northwest of Cusco, about an hour drive from the city. This place is the valley of the Urubamba and Vilcanota River -a section of the previous one-; and it is surrounded by many archeological sites and small villages. Visitors who want to get a deep glimpse into the daily life of the indigenous residents, and those who want to get a feel of how ancient life felt like, this is the perfect place. Many villagers still live the same way their ancestors did before the Spanish conquest, by engaging in typical Andean activities such as working the land with ancient tools, and living off trade and barter. The dense forest surrounding the valley made it impossible for the Spanish conquistadors to pass through, thus letting their inhabitants live an uncontaminated life.

Incas were well versed in cosmology, and if you are also interested in the subject, Urubamba river is exactly what you are looking for. Incas were convinced that this river was connected to the constellations and the mountains, as if it were the linked counterpart to the Milky Way.

The Sacred Valley is a great starting point for your trip to Machu Picchu. If you like peace and want to enjoy the view without sacrificing comfort, choosing from the plethora of train options becomes a must. But if you love adventure, you should definitively take the Inca trails. These are an amazing web of pathways that wind through the mountains and rivers of the Urubamba river basin, and which let you enjoy not only spectacular views, but also the local flora and fauna. This route is considered one of the best treks in the world.

The regular Sacred Valley tour-day takes you to Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, and, some of them include the town of Moray.


This town is located about 33 Km from the city of Cusco, and is famous for its market and ruins. It has two archeological quarters, an ancient one and another from the Spanish colonial times. Sunday market is its main attraction, not to be missed. Here you'll find beautiful handcrafts and artisan works from the community, some of which attract hundreds of visitors every day. Every Sunday, at 9:30 am, there is a traditional Mass in Quechua at the local church.


Located 21 Km from the town of Urubamba, it contains several archeological sites such as the Temple of the Sun, the Royal Hall, the Incahuatana and the Princess Baths -BaƱos de la Princesa. You can also find here preserved areas, such as Hanan Hacaypata; some of which provide horseback tours and mountain bike tours.


At about 28 Km from Cusco city, Chinchero was considered Tupac Inca Yupanqui's royal house. Later on, it passed to be a colonial temple. It is visited by many tourists from around the world mainly due to its central attraction: the market. This is an important place for trade, barter, and experiencing real life exchange of Andean culture. The knit works of Chinchero are amongst the best in the world, and a visit to Cusco is never complete without a visit to this very special community who's managed to conserve their traditions throughout the centuries.

This article was written by a Peru Travel expert at Peru travel Now, available to help you custom design your exciting Peru Tours.

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Starting Your North Island Journey From Auckland Airport

New Zealand's North Island offers a diverse holiday experience for any traveller. Most people fly into the country through Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, but with so much to explore you won't want to spend too much of your time there before heading further south. You might have a couple of days planned in Auckland, or you might have to start off as soon as the plane lands.

If you don't want to waste any time, Auckland Airport rental cars can be booked and available as soon as you collect your baggage. Perfect for getting to the hotel or for getting out of Auckland to make it to that event or occasion out of the city as soon as possible.

Auckland International Airport is 21 kilometres southwest of the central city and while some hotels have a free shuttle service you can make use of to take you directly to your accommodation - if you have a lot of travelling to do then organising transport for just after you land can save you a lot of hassle later.

To get into the city from the airport, turn left onto George Bolt Memorial Drive. The ramp to Coronation Road will lead to you merging with the South-western Motorway which will take you just south of the city. Heading North on Dominion Road will take you to Queen Street where you will find yourself in the heart of the Auckland. It shouldn't take you more than a half an hour to get end up in Auckland Central from the Airport.

If you are driving south to Tauranga, Hamilton, Taupo or any other town in the North Island, head west out of the Airport to Puhinui Road and then south when you reach the Southern Motorway. You will soon find yourself travelling through Manukau until you merge with the Auckland-Hamilton Motorway.

There are a few different routes you can take, but if you keep heading south you will reach Hamilton. From there State Highway 1 will take you through Cambridge and Tokoroa to Taupo and turning off at State Highway 29 will take you east to Tauranga. Heading along State Highway 3 will take you down the west coast to New Plymouth. You could even turn off at State Highway 2 just south of Manukau to save a bit of time if you aren't interested in passing through Hamilton, but it is a beautiful city to visit and enjoy a stop in.

If you don't have too far to travel, hiring a car can give you freedom that really helps when travelling New Zealand. Consider cancelling that flight from Auckland to your next destination and driving instead.

Pegasus Rental Cars Auckland Airport - we run everything from small hatchbacks through to 12 seater minibuses, we also have a range of budget cars. At the Auckland Airport branch we also have a lot of experience in catering for sports teams and Schools with our range of minibuses and luggage trailers. Book your rental car at Auckland Airport with us today: http://www.carrentalsaucklandairport.co.nz/

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An Easier Take on Hyderabad to Bangalore Tour

There are numerous people traveling regularly from Hyderabad to Bangalore for various reasons: pleasure, business etc. There are several ways to get to Bangalore from Hyderabad, here's an easier take on Hyderabad to Bangalore tour. The fastest and probably the most comfortable would be by flight. Both Bangalore and Hyderabad boasts of world class airports and have several flights operating in between them at regular intervals.

Another simpler way to get to Bangalore from Hyderabad is by train. Indian Railways offer good connectivity between these two regions and has several trains operating in between these destinations at regular intervals. There are as many as 12 trains operating from Kacheguda KCG in Hyderabad to Bangalore City, besides that there are also several trains from Secunderabad to Yeshwantpur Junction in Bangalore.

Tourists feeling a little adventurous can also board a bus to the garden city. Numerous buses, both government run and privately operated, offer regular bus services in between these IT hubs. Tourists have the option to choose from the various regular sleeper buses to the more comfortable Volvo Ac buses, the fare of the AC buses although a little higher than the regular buses they are worth every penny due to the right quality offered.

If time is no constraint then probably the best and also the most enjoyable way to get to Bangalore would be by self driving your car. There is an excellent infrastructure in place with well laid out roads and national highways between these cities. Bangalore is just 582 km or 7.5 to 8 hours from Hyderabad and if you own a mean machine then the drive would be like anything.

The best possible route for getting to Bangalore would be via NH7. Besides the excellent quality roads, the drive to Bangalore is extremely pleasurable with several scenic beauties to treat your eyes to falling en route. There are also several eateries and roadside restaurants (dhabas) available at several stops that offer hearty sumptuous meal. Eat at the first restaurant you come by as there are several areas in between Hyderabad and Bangalore that appear completely barren with no soul in sight forget about any eating joints.

One more thing to keep in mind before embarking on a road trip is to try and carry ample water and snacks with you especially if you are traveling with your family. So gear up and set upon a new trip to remember.

For more information about How To Reach Bangalore and Online Booking Services, Please visit our website for booking Hotels,packages in Bangalore at http://www.holidayiq.com/.

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Moray - Cusco

The archeological complex of Moray is located at 33 miles from Cusco, following the road that goes to the Urubamba Valley, to the northwest. From an aerial view, Moray formations seem to be huge hollows, built as enormous and perfect circular amphitheaters. However, being actually there at those amazing pre-Columbian constructions can be one of the most extraordinary experiences while visiting Cusco rand the Sacred Valley of Incas. This is not only because of the impressive landscape. It is also because of the information that you will receive from the expert regional guides about the theories on the origins of Moray, the reason for building it and its functionality during the times of the Inca Empire.

Origins of Moray
Several theories tried to explain the origin of Moray and its amphitheaters. There is a simplistic theory, which appears whenever the human activities are difficult to clarify: an extraterrestrial incursion. A second theory, suggests the hypothesis of a meteorite storm, which produced such huge holes in the ground. Then, the population from the Inca Empire took advantage of those formations for building their amphitheaters. Of course, a third theory attributes the whole construction of Moray's system to the ancient inhabitants of these lands.

Even when the first two assumptions were true, the Incas have had to perform a tremendous job during the excavation of the circular downward platforms around the walls of each hollow. These were built like perfect concentric circles, laid out as terraces 23 feet wide. Some of the hollows reach depths of 500 feet. This alone represents the work of thousands of people during several generations of hard labor.

Moray: the Agriculture Lab of Incas
The first investigators saw the Moray archeological complex as a group of amphitheaters used for performing and musical arts, due to their similitude with the ancient Greeks' structures. However, modern studies have determined the real reason for the existence of these constructions. The Incas used the circular platforms for experimental agriculture. This new perspective is based in several evidences. The construction in descending platforms allowed the creation of microclimates. In fact, the temperature and other indicators in the surface are typical of mountain weather. While descending, the central platforms are surrounded by a subtropical climate. And, if you reach the very bottom, you will be able to experience a tropical weather.

Investigations indicate that these circular constructions were something like an agriculture lab. The Incas used the difference between platforms in order to acclimate their vegetables. By planting potatoes in the surface, for example, and after subsequent progressive transplants to the inferior platforms, season by season, they were capable to adapting the tubers and other vegetal products to the jungle environment. By following similar procedures, the Incas found the method to exchange vegetal food from the mountains to the rainforest and vice versa. This is also one of the multiple evidences of the particular interest of Incas about the environment integrity.

The Moray Unique Experience
The only presence of these unique constructions at 10500 feet of altitude is enough to astonish the visitor. The irrigation channels, the system of stairs to pass from platform to platform, the acoustic quality of the amphitheaters are some of the many wonders that you will be able to enjoy there.

Back in the day, most of the tubers, corn and other crops were generated directly from Moray. Take into consideration that Peru counts with more than 3000 varieties of potatoes, among other impressing numbers of agricultural products, most of which may have been engineered at Moray. Thus, you will be visiting what could be the cradle of modern day crops that are currently consumed all over the world!

This article was written by a Peru Travel expert at Peru travel Now, available to help you custom design your exciting Peru Tours

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Artisans of Morocco: The Carpet Weavers

When you walk down the streets in Morocco, you will be greeted by rows and rows of colorful Berber carpets that hang on the old walls. Each of these beautiful masterpieces are all different, each with their own design and color.

High up in the Atlas Mountains there are many small Berber tribes. Each of these tribes have there own artists that make carpets. These carpets are formed by intricate knots that are tied by the skillful hands of the artists. Each artist has their own story that they want to tell through their carpets and it is shown in the colorful design. The symbols of the tribes are woven into the carpets, along with any other shape or color that the artist wants.

The carpets are made up of three basic textures as a result of the materials that are used to make them. The three textures are thick wool, thin wool and a mixture of the two. Each of these carpets has their own feel and atmosphere which makes the options limitless. The colors of these carpets are made from natural dyes such as Saffron, crushed rocks and kohl. A result of the chemical free dyes, these carpets are not only beautiful to the eye but also very environmental friendly.

The carpets designs have different patterns according to where they were made. Some carpets are brightly colored with reds, pinks and yellows, and have a very busy design. Others are made of more soft colors such as brown, dark green, blue and maroon. As a result of the huge variety of colors these carpets make home decorating a breeze. They always make a lovely touch to your home weather it be by making the walls colorful and vibrant from the hanging carpets, or from making a room cozy and warm from a thick woolen carpet on the ground.

The carpets come in all shapes and sizes. The largest size can cover a floor of a very large room and the smaller sizes can make a doormat or a bed room carpet. Each of these carpets will vary in pricing as a result of the size, color and age. If your carpet is large then it means that the time to make it will be well over a month so the cost will go up accordingly. As you well know, Saffron is worth its weight in gold so even if the carpet is small and it is dyed with Saffron then it will be more expensive. Finally, if the carpet is of more then 100 years of age it is considered an antique and its value will have increased.

The carpets of Morocco are both colorful and unique and will provide a lovely atmosphere to your home. If you are looking to take a trip to Morocco is sure to stop at the carpet shops and see for your self the beauty of this art.

Jaffar Wilson currently works with Experience It! Tours offering tours to Morocco and Libya Tours

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What To Do in Singapore in One Day

Singapore is a small city-country and attraction highlights are not so far from each other so you can just hop from one place to another. Aside from that, the city's transportation system is very good and most popular sites can be reached by the train. If it's your first time in Singapore and you only have limited time to explore, it's best to use the MRT or the taxi to get to your destination. So this won't be too hard even if you haven't been in the city, you don't even need a tour guide on your sightseeing. All you need is an adventurous heart and some cash to proceed. What to do then if you only have a day in Singapore?

Depending on what time of the day you are most free. If you start early, you may want to try Singapore's local toast, the Kaya toast (toasted bread with butter and Kaya made from sweetened coconut milk) matched with the Singapore-style cooked egg (slightly boiled egg) and Singapore local kopi. This is available in hawker centers. Airport cafes also serve this.

From Changi Airport, your first stop is the Esplanade (Theatres by the bay) the iconic durian structure in Singapore. You can find cosmopolitan food centers, malls and the library esplanade. Take some pictures and enjoy the place. Also, just nearby is the Merlion Park where you find the Merlion (half lion half fish) of which Singapore is famous for. You can relax and sit on the benches in the park and take photos as this will be your ultimate evidence that you have been to Singapore. A Singapore trip without the Merlion is incomplete. Around the area are the Singapore flyer and the Marina Bay Sands. You may choose to ride the flyer, the largest observation wheel in the world for a 30-minute ride for a spectacular view of the city and the neighboring countries Indonesia and Malaysia or just go to Marina Bay Sands Skypark which also offers the same view. You can also do a lot of things in Marina Bay Sands as this one is an entertainment complex where you find shops, casino, restaurants, hotel and the art science museum. This place is great for taking pictures. From Marina Bay, you can pass through the Helix Bridge, the world's first double-helix structure inspired by the yin and yang concept of the Asian culture which is said to bring wealth, happiness and prosperity to Marina Bay. This bridge links Marina Bay to the Singapore Flyer and the Gardens by the Bay. This will complete your half day tour.

As to where to go for lunch, the esplanade has lots of food centers around depending on your choice of food. Some local food to try on includes chili crab, chicken rice, hokkien mee, laksa, etc.

If you're still free in the afternoon, you may want to visit Sentosa and take some photos with you. Just hop on the MRT going to Harbourfront and buy a ticket either for the monorail or the cable car ride going to Sentosa whichever you fancy. You can do a lot of things in the island with the beach and the Resorts World Sentosa including the Universal Studios. A day is not enough to do everything especially if you want to enjoy the theme park. But there are a lot of beautiful things to capture your camera with. Just choose the activities you want to do. There is an information booth when you get down where you can find information on what to do in the island.

However, if you're only free time is in the evening, the Esplanade, Merlion Park and the Marina Bay Sands are also perfect at night as it transforms into an enchanting beauty with the colors of the lights and the dark night where the view is spectacular. After enjoying this part of the city, hail a taxi and go to the nearby Clarke Quay where Singapore's night life is so alive. Have some food and drinks or go for a boat ride along the Singapore River. If you want some adrenaline pumping activity, you can also find the Gmax here where you'll be able to try the reverse bungee.

After exploring the city, you can just hop on a taxi or the nearest MRT station and go back to Changi airport for your flight. However little time you may have, the important thing is you enjoyed your stay and you have a glimpse of the city.

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