A Memorable Experience in the Mystical Land - India

India is a country where every single tourist wants to visit and explore its mysterious beauty. India is a country which offers a lot of new excitement and a very pleasurable experience to every single traveler who visits here. One can explore any quality like from extreme cold Himalayan range to extreme hot Thar Desert. India is such places where any person with any interest can visit as the country have so much to offer to the people. You can visit different temples, hill stations, desert, sea beaches, historical monuments, dense forests, historical monuments, top architecture etc. If we start counting the number of attractions here, we will be surprised as there are number of tourist attractions. Every direction and region in India has something to visit.

Starting from North India, which is such a beautiful place that every single tourist is mesmerized by the beauty. The beauty here is attractive hill stations, unusual wildlife, antique monuments and colorful handicrafts. The Great Himalayan Range is the main attraction of North India. Various hill stations like Kullu, Manali, hill stations of Jammu and Kashmir are worth watching. There is a state named Rajasthan which is the most colorful state in India. Here the rituals, traditions, celebrations, and festivals as well the people are very colorful. There is a festival named Pushkar, you can see a bundle of hues here. It is the most worldwide famous festival of Rajasthan. Delhi, the capital of India has such a beautiful mixture of traditional architect and modernism that one can be amazed.

South India Tours includes amazing states like Kerala, Tamilnadu and Orissa etc. Kerala is very famous for its Backwaters. Backwaters are the only property or you can say it is the only specialty of Kerala in the whole world. South India also has amazing hill stations like Munnar, Ooty, Coonnor and Kodaikanal. Tamilnadu has mesmerizing Nandi Hills and other beautiful temples to visit. Orissa is the home of temples. Beautiful Konark Temple is worldwide famous, which is situated in a small town of Orissa named as Puri. Konark Temple is a World Heritage Site. It is in the shape of chariot of God Sun.

West of India has Goa which is very famous for its exotic beaches. Beautiful sea and coconut trees add on to the incredible beauty of the beaches. Goa Beaches are serene as well as full of excitement and exhilaration. Actually, some beaches are so very calm and tranquil, which are best for honeymooners as they can go for a long walk on the golden sand of the beach having hand in hand and the other beaches are so lively having night clubs and night parties. Apart from watching the beauty of the beaches, one can also go for different water games and water activities like scuba diving, water racing, skiing etc. Your tour to India is incomplete without visiting Goa.

Eastern India is altogether an absolutely diverse place. There are wild life sanctuaries, greenery, beautiful sceneries etc to visit. Some famous places to visit here are Kolkata, Dehradun, Sunderbans etc. So, all in all India is such a treasure island which will recoil soul and other senses, which will really fascinate you and will leave you with some beautiful memories in your heart that you would love to come to India again.

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About Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a State in Southern India. It is a state rich in art and culture and its roots run back to over two centuries. Chennai, one of the four metropolitan cities of India, is the capital of Tamil Nadu. Tamil, one of the oldest languages in the world is spoken by 89% of the population in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples; the Dravidian Architecture used to create these temples is unique and brilliant. This is one of the main reasons for this state being the second largest tourism industry in India.

Where is Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and The Indian Ocean to the East and South with Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala to the West and North. The state has the third longest coastline running to about 910 km. Tamil Nadu marks the Southern tip of the Indian Peninsula. The Palk Strait, from the state, separates India from Sri Lanka, which is a meager 30 km by sea.

Major Cities

Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy and Kanyakumari are major cities in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is the Manchester of South India. Madurai has temples of historical prominence. Trichy, apart from being a Hindu pilgrimage center, is also famous for being the capital of early Cholas, Pandyas and Pallavas. Kanyakumari marks the southernmost tip of the Indian Peninsula.

Places to Visit

Tamil Nadu, being a major pilgrimage center, has some of the oldest temples in the world. The Brihadeeshwara Temple in Thanjavur and Airavatheshwara Temple in Kumbakonam were built during the Chola regime, and the Dravidian Architecture is considered to be a marvel. The Pallavas built the monolithic shore temples at Mahabalipuram during their reign in 8th Century, but some of temples were washed away by the sea. The remaining temples have been listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Temples in Chidambaram, Rameshwaram, and Tiruvannamalai are all major tourist destinations in the state.

Ooty, Kodaikanal, Yercaude, Yelagiri, Coonoor, Valparai are a few hill stations in the state. The abundance of medicinal herbs in the hills of the state has time and again attracted medical tourists looking for a cure for health-related issues. Vedanthangal, one of the oldest bird sanctuaries in India, is located 75 km from Chennai. Mudumalai, an elephant reserve, shares boundaries with Bandipur, the tiger reserve in Karnataka.

Marina beach in Chennai is the second longest beach and has the longest shore in the world. Courtallam, Hogenakkal and Pykara falls are summer delights for tourists flocking the state.

How To Reach

Air: There are three International Airports: Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy airports; and three domestic airports Madurai, Salem and Tuticorin airports. The airport in Chennai is the third largest in the country and connects 169 other countries on a regular basis. The domestic airports connect the respective cities to cities in other parts of the country.

Rail: Southern Railway, based in Chennai, is one of the most eminent and earliest railway lines laid in India. There are trains connecting every major city in India to and from Chennai. Southern Railways connects Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and a part of Karnataka.

Road: A connectivity of 24 national highways inside the state makes it one of the most well-connected states in the country. Chennai is one of the 4 terminuses of the Golden Quadrilateral project.

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Dubai Holidays - Guaranteed Fun and Adventure

Dubai is certainly emerging as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Apart from delightful shopping experiences at the huge malls, supermarkets and souks, beach tours, spectacular architectural feats like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai has plenty to offer to the adventurer in you.

A lot of thrilling activities like mountain climbing, sky jumping, scuba diving, water surfing,crab hunting, snorkelling, swimming, go karting, wadi bashing etc await you here, but a Dubai tour would seem incomplete if you did not experience the Desert Safari.

There are three types of Safaris-in the morning, evening and overnight. You would be picked up from the hotel you are staying in and taken to the outer deserts and sand dunes of Dubai. The unending stretch of the desert and its sand dunes is in itself a spectacular sight. Once here, you can experience the magic of the desert with an adventurous drive in sturdy Jeeps and Hummers driven by skilled safari drivers over the magnificent dunes of the deserts. As you ride down the uneven and steep slopes you cannot help scream with fear and joy at this natural roller coaster ride!!!Dune bashing is one of the major attractions when on a desert safari. It is also called sand bashing-the adventurous part of your safari when the car glides up and down the high and golden sand dunes. This exhilarating experience will certainly send your adrenalin soaring high and is sure to leave you spellbound. Sand boarding is another activity you could enjoy here. You get a chance to slide on the high dunes of the deserts. This is also known as sand skiing.

This thrilling experience can be followed by lots of entertainment which will make your Dubai holidays truly memorable. You can be spoiled with traditional Arabian hospitality where you are served sumptuous buffet meals or lunch with barbecue near an oasis while graceful oriental belly dancers dance around you. You could also view the stunning desert sunset, or ride the camels, paint traditional henna designs, or enjoy smoking sheesha sitting under a blanket of stars.

A Dubai tour could also include visits to sites like the Alfahidi Fort, amusement parks like the Wild Wadi Water Park, Atlantis Marine and Water Park, Dreamland Aquapark,Wonderland Water and Theme park and Al Nasr Leisureland and Ski Dubai -which is an artificially built snow surface where you could ski and enjoy the experience of skiing in the middle of a desert!The beautiful beaches of Dubai also offer a whole range of water sports like wind surfing, scuba diving, sailing,deep water diving etc. Some of the beaches are the Jumeirah beach, Palm Beach and Al Mamzar Park. Water sports are taught in the Emirates sailing school and Dubai Off shore Sailing Club. A visit to Aqua venture Water Park is yet another enjoyable activity where you have access to rivers,rapid waves and water slides. Hot air ballooning is another thrilling activity you could indulge in. You can fly in a hot air balloon over dunes and mountains enjoying a panoramic view of the desert and its landscapes which will leave you with awesome memories of the desert thus making your Dubai holidays a unique experience.

A memorable Dubai Tour is just nor possible without exploring the various adventure tour options. Your Dubai Holidays guarantee you some of the best opportunities for fun and leisure.

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Estepona Is an Ancient City on the Western Coast

There aren't many cities like Estepona on this planet. The reason is that the city offers variations in all walks of life. It is a very modern city and at the same time it is an ancient city with great history. It is located on the western coast of Spain. However the culture of the city is more traditional then modern which makes it more exciting for many people visiting it. The reason probably is that the Arabs, Romans, Phoenicians and Christians all civilizations contributed to the culture of Estepona.

There are some excellent beaches in Estepona which are a center of attraction for tourists. These beaches are very modern because they have all the modern day facilities available. Some territory of Estepona is inside the Bermeja Saw while the rest of it is on the coast. That makes the city naturally beautiful and inspiring.

There are some wonderful monuments in the city of Estepona. One of them is the Virgin of Remedies Church. That place is worth visiting because it has auspicious appearance. Apart from that Estepona offers many other exciting places to visit which are enjoyable during the stay at the city. The city has wonderful festivals also which are held from time to time and it is best to visit the city when one of its festivals is on.

The location of Estepona is wonderful. It can be accessed through train, bus, car and by several other means. There are many people that prefer to reach Estepona by means of a train because they get the journey of interior of Spain that way. There are some excellent hotels with low tariffs available for staying in the city. One should stay at Estepona for few days so that all the excitements of the city can be enjoyed in the best possible manner.

There are many people that wish to spend their vacations in the most appropriate manner. For such kind of people Estepona is probably the best place on Earth. The reason is that the city is full of entertainment and fun along with peaceful atmosphere. There is natural beauty and a great atmosphere of the city that can inspire anyone staying in it. Some people visit the city alone while some visit with their families and its perfect both ways. Exciting part is that the city offers everything to everyone which means people never forget once they visit Estepona.

Spain offers so many possibilities just browse spain villa and villas costa brava in all its popular regions and if you are looking for exotic holiday just visit villa in lloret de mar. Spain will eventually be the holiday you dreamt of coming true.

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Puerto Vallarta - A Favorite Destination Spot

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is undoubtedly my favorite vacation spot in the entire world. Yes, there has been a great expansion and many changes since I first visited this Pacific Ocean paradise more than 25 years ago but much of its charm still exists.

Rated as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the entire world this once-hidden treasure has been discovered by visitors from far and wide.

At first glance it is Vallarta's perfect climate which elicits such an enticement to visitors. Warm, sunny days with comfortable ocean breezes and even more comfortable evenings repeat day after day, especially in the prime vacation months of October through May.

But what really gives Vallarta its charm is the unique blending of a vintage, Mexican cobble-stoned town, dotted with white-stucco buildings and red-tiled roofs, which combines with modern, palm-tree-lined boulevards and world-class hotels and restaurants, with all of the amenities of a large tourist resort zone.

The town itself is divided by the gently flowing Rio Cuale. To the south of the river is the so-called Romantic Zone with its quaint shops and bargain-priced hotels and restaurants. Also located in the south half of Vallarta are hillside restaurants offering magnificent views of the town and the setting sun. Further south are the villas and resort hotels of Conchas Chinas and Mismaloya. Also located in the south half of Puerto Vallarta are hillside restaurants such as Las Carmelitas offering magnificent views of the town and the setting sun.

Back in the centro or downtown of Puerto Vallarta, dissecting the Cuale River, is a narrow island where people can take a stroll in the shade amidst peaceful gardens. They can also browse through souvenir shops, view artwork or dine at Le Bistro restaurant while listening to jazz music. Immediately in front of the restaurant sits a statue of film director John Huston, whose 1963 movie, The Night of the Iguana starring Richard Burton and Ava Gardner, brought attention to this region of Mexico.

Moving north of the river, in front of the Fuente del Puente restaurant is a bust of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the Hollywood couple who after the film took up residence in the hills above the town, she in a house now known as Casa Kimberley and he in a house on the opposite side of the street. An arched bridge between the two houses remains a lasting symbol of their romantic relationship. Followed by scores of Americans who also decided to reside here soon thereafter, this hillside zone became known as Gringo Gulch.

Just north of the Rio Cuale the municipal market which is stocked with handicrafts from all over Mexico. Just a few blocks from the market is the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, the large church topped with a distinctive crown, a replica of the one worn by Carlota, wife of the former Mexican ruler, Maximilian. This crown on Vallarta's signature church was actually replaced after being toppled by an earthquake in 1995.

Not far from the church is the main square or Plaza de Armas, with its bandstand and a statue of the man after whom the town was named in 1918, Ignacio Vallarta, the prominent lawyer and state governor who helped draft the Mexican constitution.

Nearby a set of arches form a backdrop, along with the ocean, to an amphitheatre which stands between the rumbling surf and the main plaza. Crowds gather here every Sunday evening for concerts.

Adjacent to the amphitheatre and lining the beach is the recently renovated malecón, Vallarta's seawall where people wander past interesting sculptures and fountains. While only a scattering of pedestrians are found here in the heat of the day, evenings are a different story entirely. Dusk brings a multitude of tourists and locals alike who fill the malecón to sample the offerings of street vendors or simply to people-watch. They also can enjoy the music drifting out from the balconies of restaurants and bars.

On the back streets adjacent to the malecón are a number of shops and art galleries and a variety of cuisines can be enjoyed, from taco stands to upscale, international restaurants.

Moving north from the centro is an area known as the Hotel Zone which is the area developed during Vallarta's first big expansion into a major tourist resort area. Here on the gorgeous sandy beaches of Las Camarones, Las Glorias and Los Tules, major hotel complexes such as the Sheraton, Fiesta Americana and Holiday Inn offer high-rise accommodations with pools, recreation areas and restaurants while others such as Krystal and Los Tules offer excellent, low-rise villa lodgings amidst lush tropical gardens. For those with efficiency accommodations there are plazas with supermarkets located in this area.

Further north are the even more modern Marina district and Nuevo Vallarta with multi-complex resorts including golf courses.

Activities include cruises, fishing, scuba and other water sports on beautiful Banderas Bay, parasailing high above the seashore and land activities such as excursions to nearby towns, day trips, soaring on ziplines during canopy tours, ATV and jeep rentals, horseback riding, etc.

The cuisine in and around Puerto Vallarta is exquisite whether you yearn for authentic Mexican dishes or international food of the highest quality.

Adding to the climate, resort amenities, activities, shopping, culture and cuisine are the friendly people who mix in well with ex-patriot residents and tourists alike. No wonder Puerto Vallarta is so popular and continues to be my favorite travel destination.

Peter Knight is an author, video producer and translator. He has produced the travel video Glimpses of Puerto Vallarta which outlines the highlights of a visit in and around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. To order this colorful DVD or thousands of other travel videos click http://www.rtavideo.com/worldlypursuitstravelvideos.html

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Travel Tips: Taking Your Family To A Local County Fair Or Festival

If you're looking for a great affordable travel option for your family in the nicer weather months, then you should consider going to a local county fair or festival. The odds are that you probably have several different options to choose from when it comes to events like this in your area, and it only takes a little bit of research to discover what the best family-focused, inexpensive events there are within driving distance in your area.

Residents of urban areas and cities might not have many options when it comes to county fairs, but you'll almost certainly discover that there are some really enjoyable annual festivals in your area. Music festivals, ethnic and food festivals, and many other types of events are quite common in larger metropolitan areas. They almost never charge a large amount to attend (in fact, most of them are completely free), and are usually family-friendly and fun for kids to attend, as well.

In more rural settings, a county fair can be one of the premier entertainment events in the calendar year, depending on where you live. County fairs are usually very large undertakings that take place on expansive fairgrounds and charge a nominal ticket price for attendees. They often feature livestock judging contests, stock car races, live entertainment and music, rides for the kids, and midway games where you can spend money and win prizes.

County fairs are so popular in some subcultures, in fact, that there is a large fan base of fair devotees who travel the country in the summertime to attend these events in many different states. At any great county fair, you'll probably see expansive parking areas with plenty of mobile homes owned by visitors who came from out-of-town to take part in the fun.

Festivals, on the other hand, are usually much shorter and smaller events. Although the might feature a ride or two and a few booth games, they more often revolve around a central theme. Food festivals are popular (some of the most popular events have names like the Corn Festival, the Cheese Festival or the Fish Festival). Festivals that focus on fun aspects of a specific ethnicity are also common, as well, and can vary based on the ethnic makeup of your city.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you need to spend a great deal of money in order to find something fun for your family to take part in every year. Taking them to a local festival or county fair can be rewarding, memorable and even create a fun tradition that will continue for many years to come.

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Singapore Street Food and Raffles Hotel

Every visitor to Singapore ends up doing two things. The first is visiting the legendary raffles Hotel. Secondly is enjoying the absolutely amazing food and its huge variety that is literally available on the street. If you are planning a trip to Singapore, then take the time to enjoy both.

Raffles Hotel is a total throw back to elegant times gone by, and should perhaps not be taken too seriously. The atmosphere is positively colonial, and you almost expect Somerset Maugham or Noel Coward to come ambling in. It has been almost completely restored and yet it still manages to retain the old world charm it is famous for.

Entering from the street where 4 lanes of traffic zooms past it is hard to believe that British servicemen once played rugby there. The coolness and hush that is immediately apparent is quite a shock in itself. Add to that the high ceilings, the teak floor boards, and the overhead fans, and you have instantly been transported back fifty years or more.

As a visitor what you are seeing is a tourist attraction, but of course raffles is a luxury hotel as well, and what a peek into the past you have, whilst staying in expensive luxury. Everyone who visits Singapore goes to Raffles at least once to drink the famous Singapore Sling in the Long Bar, whilst sitting ankle deep in pea nuts. It's expensive but not to be missed.

Whilst in Singapore it is absolutely necessary to literally eat on the street, something it is famous for. You don't actually eat on the street as you would have done forty years ago, but in Government approved areas. These are known as hawker centres where there are literally hundreds of stalls and booths prepare an amazing variety of food, which is then brought to your table in the open air. All this done under strict hygiene regulations.

The smells and aromas of garlic, ginger, fish paste, curry,and the noise of the trays crashing and banging, is something you will only ever find in Singapore. This mixture of Malayan, Thai, Chinese, Indian food is something only really found here. You will discover everyone in Singapore has their personal hawker centre, and sometimes will even travel out of town to the middle of a housing estate to get the food they crave.

These two different experiences are very much part of what Singapore is all about, and should not be missed on any account.

Ian has returned to his first love travel writing, and discovering new places to go and say. Take a look at 10 Top vacation Spots, 10 top vacation spots you may not have heard of. Also check out Alternative to Hotels where you will find some amazing places to stay worldwide that are not hotels

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Hajj Is an Absolute Must for All Muslims

Visiting Mecca in Saudi Arabia is a lifelong dream for most Muslims that sometime in their life must be fulfilled. Unfortunately, getting to and finding accommodations in this country can be quite a daunting challenge for those of us that are not familiar with the region. Thankfully, today there are a few highly respected firms that specialize in providing all inclusive Hajj packages.

Hajj packages come in all price ranges, which provides almost anybody that has the desire to see Mecca firsthand the opportunity to do so at a price that they can afford. The low cost package starts at £2495 per person, and it includes everything that you need to enjoy your stay in this exceptional one of a kind country.

As any international traveler will tell you, getting a visa can be quite difficult if you do not fully understand each countries system. So, all Hajj or Umrah packages that are supplied by these travel agents start with a visa that allows you to stay in Saudi Arabia legally for the duration of your trip.

Each package also includes your airfare, accommodations, free lunch and dinner, and your very own tour guide to make sure you enjoy every aspect of your vacation as much as possible. In addition, you will receive a pre Hajj seminar and a five day special educational program which makes sure that you fully understand the impact of what you are presently accomplishing.

The VIP Hajj packages start at £5495 and are far more luxurious when compared to the lower cost variety. Instead of staying in an apartment with a few other people that you might not know, you will be living in a 5 star resort with servants ready to fulfill your every wish.

In addition, your plane trip is a direct flight so you do not have to waste your valuable time waiting for a connection. Some of the other benefits of spending a little more money are the types of restaurants you will eat at and the quality of food that is severed at them. You will also be taken by private coach to see up to twenty historical Islamic places in Makkah and Madinah.

Of course, the tour guides that will be accompanying you on your vacation of a lifetime will be the most experienced and well versed in the area that the companies who conduct these tours have to offer.

The two Hajj packages mentioned above are the highest and lowest cost packages that are available. There are also many other selections for you to choose from, that are priced somewhere in between these two extremes.

When you think about all the time and money you have to spend researching and finding out everything you need to do to enjoy Mecca in Saudi Arabia, it really is not too difficult to see why these all inclusive Hajj packages are so popular. Today, they are the only way to go unless you have either lived in the country previously, or you have already made the pilgrimage many times before.

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Rajasthan - The World Famous Tourist Destination

India is nation of many states and cultures. One such state is Rajasthan. It is situated in the North-western part of India and is the nation's largest state by area. The capital of the state is Jaipur and the state comprises of 32 districts. People speak rajasthani and Hindi languages. Rajasthan share its border with neighbouring country Pakistan, and Indian states like Gujarat, U.P, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana.

Geographically it is a dry, rocky and desert area. The great Thar Desert covers the western part of state. It is also home to the oldest mountain range called Aravali Mountains which are 1722 meters in height.

Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich Indian states. People have worked very hard to retain their folk culture, heritage and tradition. It is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Loaded with natural beauty and a great history, tourism is major attraction of the state. It is one of the spectacular tourist destinations in the world. Thousands of tourists from outside the country and India visit Rajasthan every year to see this colourful state.

Rajasthan is world famous for its forts and palaces which were constructed by rajputs. Jaipur's Amber Fort, City palace, Hawa Mahal, Jaigard fort, Nahargard fort, majestic Mehrangard fort at jodhpur, Taragard fort in Bundi are among the most visited tourist spots in India for both Indians and foreigners. At various places many old and neglected palaces and havelis have been redone into heritage hotels. Tourism has not only increased employment but also generated revenue for the state.

Intricately carved Jain temples at Dilwara, Jaipur's Jantar Mantar, Moti doongri and Birla Mandir are an important architectural heritage of India. People interested in wildlife can visit Ranthombore Wilidlife Park which is a Tiger reserve park. Bird lovers can pay a visit to bharatpur bird century, which is home to many beautiful and rare varieties of birds. Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan. The highest point is called "guru shikhar". One can also enjoy boat ride in Nakki Lake.

Udaipur is called the city of lakes. There is a lot of lake in and around Udaipur. The beautiful lake palace is located in the middle of Ichola Lake. Jodhpur's Umeed Bhavan palace is now a heritage hotel. One part of the fort has been converted into a museum. Jaiselmer is a desert destination. Despite been a very hostile terrain, people go there to visit the very famous Jaiselmer Fort.

The shrine of khwaja moinuddin Chisti at Ajmer is a popular pilgrimage place not only for Muslim but also for Hindus. The prestigious Mayo College was established by British in Ajmer, which is the main base to visit Pushkar (14 km.) which has the only Brahma temple in the world. One of the sacred pilgrimage places of Hindus is the Pushkar Lake. October and November are months of Kartik in which devotees pay visit in huge numbers to plunge a holy dip in the pious lake. The annual cattle fair held in Jan/Feb. attracts loads of foreigners.

So, in case you are planning your next vacation, visit Rajasthan and enjoy the bygone era's charm.

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Must See Attractions in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland is full of natural beauty and historical sites that will leave visitors breathless. Some of the greatest things to do in Dublin is clubbing, sightseeing on tour buses or on foot, visiting historical sites and landmarks, and viewing the historical museums of Dublin. You will never find yourself in a dull moment when visiting this city, The activities and views provided to you will keep you content for your entire vacation. Before leaving Dublin there are places you absolutely must see, such as the Dublin Castle, Mansion House, Alchemy, and St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Historical Sites in Dublin

When visiting Dublin you simply must endure in the city's historical past and visit it's famous sites. A popular site to visit is the Dublin Castle that was built in 1204 and reconstructed slightly in its recent years. Another famous place for you and your family to visit is the stunning Mansion House. Inside the Mansion House you will find a historical round room where the Irish Deceleration of Independence was set in order and a variety of large rooms where a variety of historical items still sit in place to this day.

Dublin's Nightlife

The nightlife in Dublin is energetic and full of non-stop entertainment. There is a variety of clubs, local bars and pubs to choose from when deciding your destination such as the Alchemy, Club M, Tripod, Copper Face Jack and The George. If you are looking for a club that is very lively and populated, the Alchemy is an excellent club of choice. At the Alchemy the setting is comfortable and exhilarating as it is located at the Temple bar in the basement. This particular club plays a large variety of music to keep all visitors happy and also provides them with Ireland's finest brews.

Sightseeing Tours in Dublin

Everyone coming to Dublin for the first time should indulge in a sightseeing tour whether it is on foot or on a bus. One of the most interesting Dublin tours is the GhostBus Tour. This particular tour takes guests around Dublin to visit sites where ghosts have been spotted and to famous areas such as the Walking gallows, where the notorious judge used to sentence individuals to death in a gruesome manner. On the tour you will also learn about the famous Dracula and his inventor, Bram Stoker who was born in Dublin, Ireland. The tour is a must see as the events you will witness and sites you will visit will become one of your fondest memories of Dublin.

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Peru Travel: Culinary Treats of the South Cusco Valley

In a valley about 40 minutes south of Cusco, travelers with an interest in local gastronomy will find 3 small towns that are worth a visit. Oropesa, Pikillacta, and Tipon are respectively renowned for their preparation of pan (bread), cuy (guinea pig), and chancho (pork).


Although Oropesa was inhabited from pre-Inca times, the town's history and current form is closely tied to its settlement by Spanish colonists. Travelers can appreciate centuries-old haciendas and churches that are still standing. Spanish settlers found the valley's temperate climate ideal for planting wheat and over the course of the years, bread making evolved to become the town's principal economic activity. Currently, 90% of the population is involved in some aspect of bread making. The Festival del Pan (Bread Festival) is celebrated every October. Pan chuta is the bread to try. If you can't make it to the town itself, oropesanas (women from Oropesa) rise before dawn to travel to Cusco to sell their bread at markets and along side streets.


Above the town of Tipon are an amazing set of ruins that grandly display the hydraulic engineering genius of the Inca. Fountains spring from nowhere, multiplying, converging, and diverging in a construction that is almost poetic. Tipon was also a site of agricultural experimentation and terraces at varying altitudes served to test which crops could grow at which elevations.

The town of Tipon below specializes in preparing cuy, or guinea pig. Cuyerias (or cuy restaurants) abound along the main road. There are 2 preparations to choose from: cuy al horno or cuy chactado. The first is baked; the cuy is stuffed with herbs and rubbed with spices and then baked in a clay oven. The second is fried; the cuy is pressed flat, breaded, and deep fried. Both preparations are served with tallarines (spaghetti noodles), rocoto relleno (stuffed pepper), and potatoes. You can also enjoy cuy whole or ask to have it chopped into 4 pieces.


About 4km down the road from Oropesa, most travelers stop in Pikillacta to visit the pre-Inca ruins from the Huari culture. After the exotic meal of cuy, chancho (pork) may seem a bit boring, but there a multiple chancherias (pork restaurants) that might tempt you. Some of the dishes you might find on the menu are: chicharron, deep fried chunks of pork served with typical Peruvian sides; adobo de cancho, which is a hearty pork stew; or grasa de chancho.

This article was written by a travel expert at Peru For Less who specializes in helping you organize best value Peru travel packages for your Peru vacation.

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5 Reasons to Visit Ilha Grande, Rio De Janeiro

The island Ilha Grande is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro to the south of the city of Rio and it is a popular destination among Brazilians as well as foreigners. If you have a couple of days to spare on your trip to Rio it is definitely worth a visit. This article will introduce you to 5 highlights of the island.

1. Lopes Mendes

Ilha Grande's main attraction is its nature, specially the beaches which offer good opportunities for relaxing, surfing and snorkeling. Lopes Mendes is the most famous beach and has on several occasions been voted Brazil's best beach. The water is crystal clear and since it is on the side of the island facing the open ocean it is also good for surfing. To get to Lopes Mendes from Ilha Grande's main village, Abraão, take a boat to Saco das Palmas followed by a short walk.

2. Dois Rios

Another great beach that is a bit harder to reach is Dois Rios. To get there you either need to pay for a boat to take you or do a 3 hour hike from Abraão along a dirt road (and another 3 hours to get back). This may sound tough but the reward is incredible. The beach is beautiful and the limited accessibility means that it doesn't get crowded. There is a small village next to the beach where you can buy drinks, but considering the long walk it is a good idea to bring water and snacks.

3. Pico do Papagaio

For the adventurous of you how about getting a bird's eye view of the whole island? Pico do Papagaio, Parrots Peak, is Ilha Grande's toughest hike. It starts basically at sea level and takes you to 982 meters where there are great views of the island. On clear days you can even see Pedra da Gávea in Rio. The trail is between 5 and 6 km long (the exact figure varies) which means that when you add an almost 1 km height difference the hike becomes steep. It is not a good idea to do this hike after a lot of rain since the trail becomes very muddy and the numerous tree roots scattered along the way become slippery.

The trail starts along the dirt road Estrada da Colônia and the first 2 km are the same as the trail to the Dois Rios. After these 2 km there is a sign marking a small path leading straight into the woods on the right hand side, this is the trail to Pico do Papagaio. Some people do this hike on their own, but it is recommended to go with a guide.

4. Howler Monkeys

Ilha Grande is home to a large amount of Howler Monkeys. Along the hiking routes, specially the inland ones to Dois Rios, Feiticeira waterfall or Pico do Papagaio you will have good chances of seeing and hearing them. Experiencing them in wild in the middle of their howling sessions is an impressive sight. I can imagine that if people don't know that it is howler monkeys the sound can be quite intimidating.

5. Sea Turtles

In the bays of Ilha Grande there are plenty of sea turtles. If you paddle around with a kayak you will be able to see heads pop out of the water now and then for breathing. And on sunny days you will be able to see the whole body shape. They are generally not afraid of humans so there are great opportunities to get really close while snorkeling or scuba diving. So make sure to have an underwater camera available.

Chris N. runs the informational site Best of Rio where more information about ilha grande and other Rio de Janeiro excursions can be found.

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Warsaw's Unique Mix Of Carnivals, Religion and Music

The Warsaw Carnival is the first festival of the year to be celebrated in the city. An eclectic range of events and celebrations are held all over the capital in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday. As much eating, alcohol and music as one person can handle are consumed. Later in March, Warsaw celebrates the Drowning of Marzanna. This is a very entertaining folk celebration, based on ancient pagan beliefs. These dictated that in order to ward off sinister spirits, banish the cold weather and usher in a warmer climate a Marzanna doll is thrown on the fire before being drowned. This doll is said to be a witch with malevolent intentions. Before Easter, in the days between the end of March and start of April, the Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival is celebrated. This event commemorates the great composer, who is revered as a genius around the world to this day. A classical extravaganzas is hosted, where the best musicians and conductors perform.

On Palm Sunday, the day which marks the start of Easter, the priests of Warsaw preside over religious marches, during which they bless sticks and boughs of trees that have been colourfully painted and decorated. During Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday are all celebrated with daily rituals and masses. On Easter Sunday, people live gifts of food at churches and shrines. Each food has a religious significance; traditionally prepared lamb symbolizing Christ, salt symbolizes the Passion of Christ, Bread stands for Corpus Christi and beautifully painted eggs symbolize life, love, fertility and strength. On April 19, crowds gather to leave bouquets at the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes Monument and the Umschlagplatz Monument. A ceremony is held to remember those who fought against the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 and the hundreds of thousands who died during World War II.

In June, the Mozart Festival is held. To celebrate, over 20 concerts of Mozart's works are performed at the Warsaw Chamber Opera. This opera house stands alone in hosting all of the composer's operatic works. Later in the month, Midsummer's Eve (Slaska - Noc Swietojanska) is marked throughout Warsaw with a Midsummer Market serving warming drink and food. Complimentary gigs are held where the large crowds dance to their hearts' content, along with traditional costume competitions. Children wear floral crowns and a large floral wreath is placed in the Vistula River. In the evening a pyrotechnics display is held and concerts are hosted.

In September, the Warsaw Autumn Festival is held in a number of locations around the capital city. Musicians come here from around the world to be part of the citywide celebrations, which are held in great esteem globally. As well as concerts, there are many conferences, conventions, lectures and exhibitions. In October, the city celebrates the Warsaw Film Festival. Films set in Poland and/or by Polish directors have for many years been critically acclaimed around the world. Roman Polanski's first works were shown at the capital's film festivals. It is where new actors and directors are discovered. Art house films with controversial or unique themes, which may otherwise be out of place in a mainstream cinema can be properly appreciated here with like-minded people in film houses around the city.

You know it's Christmas in Poland's capital city when the Warsaw Christmas Fair kicks off in the Old Town. Here, quaint market stalls selling all manner of goods, from gifts to keepsakes, sweet treats and savoury foods to local delicacies. All around the district there is a distinct Christmas vibe. This is thanks to the aroma of mulled wine and other festive foods hanging in the air, and the twinkling fairy lights that illuminate the streets once the sun goes down. A giant Christmas tree is erected in Zamkowy Square for all to enjoy, whether they live here or are visiting to soak up the festive atmosphere.

Christine Brookes writes for various travel journals and websites including Hotel Reservations Global where visitors can find good deals on Hotels in Warsaw from a wide range of hotels in Poland.

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Cruising the Floating Markets Along the Mekong Delta

On the first day of my cruise along the Mekong Delta, we visited a floating market. The floating market is open all day long, but the busiest time is in the morning, when the weather is cool, a light frost is on the river and the sun is sparkling off the water. If you want to go see the floating market at its peak, you'll have to wake up very early. Heading out early in the morning is more relaxing as you cruise along the Mekong with a fine mist over the water as you head towards the floating market where hundreds of boats are peddling their wares in the bustling markets. Take a deep breath and smell the fresh tropical fruits as boats display various kinds of fruits for the day.

The floating markets on the Mekong River are very peaceful and enjoyable, because of this, it is a successful way for the farmers to sell their goods. Unlike most mainland markets, the floating markets are crowded but not noisy. If you hear some loud noise, it's usually a boat motor. One of the most beautiful floating markets in the Mekong is called Cai Rang, located in Can Tho Province. Here, they have their own "marketing" method called "Beo Hang". On the front of the boat there is often a long pole and the vendor will hang all the goods that they have to sell that day. Beo Hang really shows the unique trading culture of the floating markets. There is very little noise, no crowded streets and everyone is relaxed, this unique way of buying and selling continues to attract thousands of tourists every year. Another popular floating market called Cai Be is filled with colorful fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, dragon fruit, mangosteen, and more, that change as often as the seasons.

Our guide arranged for us to visit a local garden along our Mekong River cruise. Cruising down some rather small canals, I can feel the calm, fresh air and I see how prosperous the land around the Mekong truly is. There are many lush gardens with flowers and ripe jackfruits near the local houses as we cruise along the river. As we're cruising by, one of the locals reaches out to my boat and hands me a jackfruit for free as a passing visitor. I quickly motion a thank you as we continue down the narrow canals. This is fairly common I'm told by my guide.

Mother Nature is so generous with the land that surrounds the Mekong Delta; they have plenty of maritime produce, lush tropical fruits and good jobs. The locals here produce rice and coconut paper, banana pancakes, coconut candy, carpet and rope from nearby coir, unique furniture from coconut shells and a variety of other items that are only made in this area. People here are not only caring and generous, they are hardworking and creative and are blessed by the river.

The floating market and the people I met on my Mekong River cruise is a beautiful reminder of the real lives of sincere hard-working people along the Mekong. As tourists, having a chance to visit the Mekong Delta, it's an unforgettable place. The people here will never be changed by urban life, it is idyllic, simple people who are always friendly each time I visit the magic on the rivers of the Mekong.

Brad loves traveling Southeast Asia as a writer for Exotic Voyages; a Vietnam based tour operator that provides Luxury and Adventure Travel Tours throughout Southeast Asia including Vietnam Travel, Laos Travel, Cambodia Travel and Thailand. Learn more about Exotic Voyages and all the exciting trips Brad and others have been on at http://www.exoticvoyages.com/.

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Top 10 Tourist Places in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the largest state of India, is home to some of best tourist destinations of India. There are many tourist places in this state which are visited by a number of domestic and international tourists each year. Here is a list of top ten tourist places of Rajasthan, the land of kings.

Jaipur: Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. It is lovingly known as the Pink City of India. Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall Museum and Amber Fort are attracts that attract tourists.

Udaipur: Udaipur, the City of Lakes, is a prominent tourist destination. Lake Palace, Jagmandir Palace, Lake Pichola, City Palace and Saheliyon-Ki-Bari are must-see attractions in this city.

Bikaner: Bikaner is a beautiful city in the state that is located on the edge of the Thar Desert. It is a prominent tourist place with attractions like Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace and Camel Breeding Farm & Research Centre.

Jodhpur: Famed as the Blue City, Jodhpur is the second largest city of the state. It is historical town and prominent tourist destination. Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace and Jaswant Thada Memorial are major tourist attractions in this city.

Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer is a wonderful city located in the middle of the Thar Desert. It is also called the Golden City of India. Sonar Kila, Jain Temples, Merchant Havelis, Desert National Park, Sam Sand Dunes and Camel Safari Rides are major attractions for tourism in this desert city of Rajasthan.

Mount Abu: Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan. Tourist attractions in this city include Nakki Lake and Dilwara Jain Temples.

Ranthambore National Park: Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan is one of the most popular and largest national parks in Northern India. It is known for its tigers. Ranthambore Fort, Tigers and Jeep Safari rides are attractions here.

Sariska Tiger Reserve: Sariska Tiger Reserve is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan. It has diverse flora and fauna. It is an ideal destination for wildlife tourism in Rajasthan.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, now known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known migratory birds but also has rich species of resident birds. It is considered to be as one of the best places in the world for birding.

Pushkar: Pushkar is one of the most sacred cities for Hindus in Rajasthan. It is renowned for its temples, rose gardens, lake and ghats. Lord Brahma Temple is the main attraction of the city. Pushkar is also known for annually held Pushkar Camel Fair & Festival. Nearby Ajmer Sharif Dargah is also visited by a number of tourists each year.

All the aforementioned tourist places are very popular on Rajasthan tours in India. These places are among top attractions for many Rajasthan tour packages. Travelers can enjoy the best charm of tourism in this state with a right and suitable tour package.

Ajay kumar yadav is an expert writer primarily focusing on travel and tourism related topics. He has written many articles for tourism in India and Rajasthan tour Packages Currently he is rendering his services to a reputable travel company in Rajasthan, India.

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Bhadrachalam - A Holy City

Bhadrachalam is one of the holiest towns of India, located in the Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh. It is a major site of pilgrimage for Hindus all over the world. The region is particularly famous for its Bhadra Chala temple dedicated to Lord Ram, built by Kancharla Gopanna popularly known as Bhakta Ramdas in 1630 AD. Sitting on the banks of River Godavari the town radiates an air of divinity that leaves one with the feeling of utmost peace and tranquility not found anywhere else.

A very interesting story associated with this major temple of the region, the Bhadra Chala Rama Temple, which is Kancharla Gopanna a tax revenue collector under the rule of Tani Shah of Golconda (Hyderabad) used to collect money to build this temple, when that fell insufficient, he took money from the tax money collected and as such was jailed for 12 years by the King, looking at the plight of his devotee Lord Rama paid the money and got is devotee free from the King's custody.

Bhadrachalam being a major pilgrimage site the main attractions of the region are the various temples and related monuments. Some of the prominent attractions of Bhadrachalam are the Bhadra Chala Rama Temple, a small museum showcasing the jewelry made by Bhakta Ramdas for the Gods idols, edicts made by Bhakta Ramdas, Parnasala, Papikondalu Hills and Perantallapally - Lord Shiva Temple among others.

Being a popular pilgrimage site the region hosts a large number of pilgrims and tourists and as such for their comfortable accommodation there are numbers of good hotels in Bhadrachalam that offer quality lodging facilities along with a range of services and facilities. However, the hotels in Bhadrachalam are found primarily in the budget and mid range category and as such there is a dearth of good luxury hotel in the region.

Bhadrachalam is pretty well connected by means of the rail and road to the various regions of the country. The nearest railway station is located in Bhadrachalam Road, located 40 km from the main town. The Bhadrachalam Road railway station is also commonly referred to as the Kothagudem Railway Station. The nearest airport from Bhadrachalam is the Hyderabad airport and lastly, there are ample number of buses and taxis that regularly ply back and forth the region from various parts of the state.

The best time to visit the region of Bhadrachalam is during the Ram Navami and Mukkoti, which draws in a large number of pilgrims from all over the country who flock to the region to witness the special darshan of Lord Rama and the various ceremonies marking the occasion.

Get more information on Bhadrachalam, and Bhadrachalam Hotels.

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Visit Barcelona If You Wish To Experience The Richness Of Spanish Culture

Barcelona, the famous Catalonian capital is among the privileged cities of Spain. It is situated on the north-east region of Iberian Peninsula, on the warm Mediterranean coasts. This town is big, both in terms of local population as well as size. This wonderful place is popular for its affluent customs, glorious Roman history, diverse culture, explicit geographical location and micro climate.


The city was founded by Roman rulers in 2nd century BC. Since then, it has been a constant source of conflict among different Roman rulers for different reasons. The city effectively preserves the remains of Gothic art in form of renowned artifacts and monuments that were constructed during early Roman period. Also, narrow avenues and grid-like infrastructure of the old city make it unique and creative.

As time gradually passed, Barcelona experienced immense political and economic growth because of rapid industrialization and urbanization that began in mid nineteenth century. Art, Architecture and Culture are prominent assets of Barcelona today. The city itself is a combination of diverse cultures and multi-faceted arts that were derived from other Spanish cities.

Top Tourist Attractions:

The Collserola National Park situated in this town is a home to unique Mediterranean biodiversity. You can witness different varieties of oak, pine trees and plenty of other floral species. Rockrose, heather and broom are among the most stunning flowering plants found on the sunlit, brimming slopes of neighboring hills.

Other tourist venues located near this park are Natural Reserve of Fort Grofa and Saint Medir Monastery.There are some excellent beaches in Estepona which are a center of attraction for tourists

Montserrat, situated on the outskirts of Barcelona owns a strange spiritual importance. It is regarded as the spiritual center of Catalonia where the guardian souls of the city exist.

Barcelona also includes stadiums and sports grounds that organize football tournaments, bull fighting and other adventurous activities.

Monastery of Saint Benedictine (built during sixteenth century) and La Moreneta (designed during twelfth century) are well-known historical centers. You can access them via cars, cable cars, buses or trains.

Apart from this, plenty of beaches surrounding the outer coastal region of the town are inhabited by tourists all throughout the year because they're center for water sports, beach activities, casual strolls, windsurfing, evening siesta and family picnics.

In short, the city of Barcelona offers plenty of treasures for people belonging to different age groups. You should visit it at least once in your life.

Spain offers so many possibilities just browse villas spain and villa costa brava in all its popular regions and if you are looking for exotic holiday just visit spain rentals. Spain will eventually be the holiday you dreamt of coming true.

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Ooty Tour Packages to Capture the Sights and Splendours of Ooty

Ooty, short for Ootacamund, now called Udagamandalam, is popularly known as The Queen of Hill Stations... and rightly so. The breathtaking natural beauty of the innumerable valleys, hills, and mountain peaks, the tea plantations, along with the salubrious climate throughout the year, make Ooty a vacationer's paradise. Located in the Nilgiri Ranges of the Western Ghats, at an altitude of about 2240m above sea level, Ooty is a perfect location for honeymoon trips or family vacations.

Ooty Tour packages include visits to various places of interest like the Botanical Gardens-spread over 55 acres, this garden has lush green well maintained lawns, rare species of trees like the cork tree, monkey puzzle tree and eucalyptus trees. A 20 million year old fossilized tree, an Italian style garden bordering a pool, a variety of flowering bushes and plants, ferns and orchids are some of the highlights here. The Flower Show held here in the month of May every year is a very popular aspect of Ooty Tourism. The Botanical Gardens is of academic interest as you get to study the various flora and fauna of the Nilgiris. Bird watching is another activity which is popular here.

Apart from the Botanical gardens, there is the Rose garden -6 acres of land in the slopes of the Elk Hill with about 17000 varieties of roses, in the form of 5 terraces of gardens. The vast stretches of roses in different hues are a feast to the eye.

A must do activity while in Ooty is boating on the serene and charming Ooty lake-an artificial 2km long lake at the end of which is the Boat house where all kinds of boats like the row boats, motorised or paddle boats are available on hire. Riding down this mesmerising lake with a green lakeside garden around it and toy train running along one bank is an enchanting experience.

Another attraction of the Nilgiris is the Doddabetta peak, the highest peak in the Nilgiris about 2623km high about 10 km away from Ooty. You can have a breathtaking view of the Nilgiri Hill ranges from here. The sunset is a spectacular sight from here as well, making this spot a photographer's delight!

The Pykara River is an interesting part of the Ooty Tour package. It passes through a hilly tract and then goes down majestically in a series of cascades and the last two falls are known as Pykara falls. Boating on the Pykara Lake is an enjoyable experience too. Wenlock Downs, a vast expanse of grassy meadows on the way to Pykara is a favourite picnic spot and popular with the movie makers too!

The Upper Bhavani Lake, its huge dam and wild life sanctuary is yet another amazing treat to nature lovers. The Nilgiri Tahr can be spotted here, besides tigers, sambhar, Nilgiri Langur and Leopards. This area is ideal for trekking, and hiking too.

A visit to Coonoor, a hill station 20km away from Ooty, with its tea plantations and scenic locations like the Law's falls, Lamb's Rock and other fascinating viewpoints cannot be missed.

The toy train ride from Ooty to Coonoor is a very unique way of experiencing the sights and splendours of Ooty tourism.The ride in this train provides breathtaking views of the Nilgiri hills. In Coonoor you could visit the Sim's park, an unusual botanical garden and also enjoy amazing views at Dolphin's Nose, an enormous rock formation which looks like a dolphin's nose. On the way to Coonoor you can also enjoy the Ketty Valley View and Kodanadu's View Point.

Thus the undeniable charm and abundance of natural beauty of these hill stations is sure to make this holiday one of your most memorable experiences.

You are guaranteed of experiencing the height of natural beauty through Ooty tourism. Check out these Ooty tour packages so that you have the best sightseeing opportunities in the most relaxed manner.

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Places To Travel: Exotic Holiday Destinations

Travel is the enjoyable action of leaving one's place of residence for an extended trip, one which results in a totally new and exciting experience. One can keep travelling for the whole life and still there will be places left unvisited. The desire to explore and see new things is fundamental to human nature and results in travelling. Travel may be undertaken for any of the following purposes.

Business-Meetings, Trade Promotion etc.Recreation-Pleasure trips, Amusement, Vacationing, Spend free time-basically Fun.Pilgrimage-Travelling to a Holy Land or Shrine for spiritual gain.Migration-Change in place of residenceResearch-Collecting and gathering information, surveys etc.

Whichever out of the five listed above may be the reason for travelling it leaves you with a completely different view of the world. Travelling gives an opportunity for absorbing the culture of the place visited, meet people, smell the air, experiment with the local cuisine, experience the traffic, see the fashion, study the architecture, learn the history and stories, experience the local politics,-in general a completely authentic and enriching experience. Some places are visited for events like The Olympic Games, for the Scenery like Switzerland, for the Occasions like Destination Weddings/Honeymoons, for Wildlife like Africa and India, for adventure like Skydiving or Deep Sea Diving (where some amount of risk is involved).All of these give an opportunity to explore different places in the world and also provide an incredible learning experience regarding life styles, cultures, people, places etc. Foreign locales vary widely from where one is used to living and travelling gives an opportunity to find out how cultures and people live in those places.

Places have Geographical features which are exclusive and unique. Places have been around for thousands of years and have accumulated a rich history and associated culture, art, architecture and folklore. It is not possible to experience these through books or internet. The places have to be travelled to get the authentic experience. At some point in life, after college, after retirement, during business trips, during holidays, an extended trip outside your country of residence will make you see the world for yourself.

With an increasingly global economy international travel experience is an asset which can be a major advantage in a competitive situation.

There are known and important places which are frequently visited e.g. London, New York and major capitals of Europe and North America. These places have become an amalgamation of different cultures and visitors also become a part of the same. However, close to the same places and in the same countries, are less known places which have a distinct and unique culture and these exotic places are in general more fun mainly because what you see there is something new and about which not much has been written. The author writes about such places based on his personal experiences during visits to these places. Visit Places to Travel at rajeevshuklaiit.com.

Please Visit Our Web site at Places To Visit
Email: aries.shukla58@yahoo.com

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Argentina Travel: A Quick Tour Through the North

Argentina's northwestern countryside presents a unique mix of indigenous and European culture and history set within a unique and unforgettable landscape. The geologic formations you'll see here are one-of-a-kind. Here are some must-see stops for travel through Argentina.

Start in Mendoza

Mendoza ca be easily reached by air from Buenos Aires or Santiago, Chile. The city is modern and recalls some of the sophistication of the Argentine capital. The surrounding wineries and the restaurants that have cropped up around the industry are the major draws. Wine lovers will find a perfectly decadent escape in Mendoza before beginning traveling into more rustic country further north. Around Mendoza, there are countless opportunities for hiking, cycling, horseback riding, and other adventure activities. Cerro Negro (6,800 ft (2,072 m)) is an easy 2 hour hike, while Cerro Aconcagua (6,962 m (22,841 ft)) requires serious mountaineering skills and 2-week commitment.

North to La Rioja

From Mendoza travel to Talampaya National Park in La Rioja province. Here you can see ancient petroglyphs and marvelous geological formations. You can also visit Cañon Arco Iris (Rainbow Canyon) and the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City). You can hike, hoof, or wheel yourself through the canyons.

Continue to Salta

Salta is a colonial city with beautiful 18thand 19thcentury architectural gems located on and around the main square. This is definitely a walking city and a place to relax before and after some adventure activities. Must-see sights around Salta include Campo Quijano, an old mining town; Quebrada del Toro, a beautiful river-carved gorge; and Santa Rosa de Tastil, where ruins from a pre-Inca civilization can be appreciated.

Further on to Jujuy

When you reach Jujuy, you will begin to wonder whether you've accidentally left Argentina. The landscape around here is dustier, the people and culture are more obviously indigenous, but the sights remain equally inspiring. From here you can visit Tilcara, a pre-Inca fortress. The

Quebrada de Humahuaca and the Paseo de los Colorados are multicolored landscapes that will have you hoping your camera is up to the task of representing truly. Finally, the Salinas Grandes, or salt lakes, near Jujuy will delight you will its unique wildlife and brilliant flatness that seems to extend forever.

And Onward

From the far northern reaches of Argentina, your options are many: You can cross either the Chilean or Bolivian borders to explore each country's natural wonders. Or, if you're ready for a change of pace, you can make your way back to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to re-fill on steak and wine. From there you can enjoy Iguazu Falls or seek icy refreshment in the Argentine south.

This article about Argentina's northern highlights was written by a travel expert at Argentina For Less who specializes in helping you organize best value Argentina travel packages.

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Lizard Island - Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

Discover an island retreat like no other with a stay at the stunning Lizard Island Resort. Located on the Great Barrier Reef and with a choice of 24 white powdery beaches Australia's northern most island resort offers the utmost in luxury travel.

Accommodation at Lizard Island is chic and elegant, effortlessly fusing indoor and outdoor living in an open-plan Australian style. For the ultimate in privacy and indulgence opt for the Pavilion suite, complete with fabulous panorama over Anchor Bay, Osprey Island and Sunset beach. The suite features an expansive decking area with a private plunge pool, sun lounges and a daybed area inviting guests to relax and take in the impressive views. Leaving the balcony to stroll down a private path, guests will discover another secluded area where chairs and a table have been perfectly positioned to make the most of sea breezes and the gorgeous views.

Gourmet meals, fine wines and a picturesque setting overlooking the beach await you at Lizard's open veranda restaurant. Let highly-acclaimed Chef Mark Jensen impress you with his culinary delights. Specialising in fresh seafood and superb local produce the daily changing menu offers a spectacular fusion of flavours and influences including modern Australian, Asian and European. For that extra special dining occasion, guests can chose from two beautiful beach locations and create a personalised 7-course tasting menu with Chef Jensen.

A guaranteed highlight of luxury travel to this area of Australia is the opportunity to explore the underwater wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. This northern section of the reef is renowned for its water clarity and amazing variety of coral species and marine life which attracts visitors from around the world. Lizard Island is perfectly situated to explore the Great Barrier Reef and offers fantastic diving and snorkelling activities. Led by experienced guides, half and full day expeditions are available catering for all levels of experience. The resort also operates an exclusive opportunity to night dive. Guests are taken on an afternoon dive to become familiar with the site and following a surface break they begin their night dive and can discover nocturnal marine animals, providing a unique diving experience. Snorkelling is a great way to explore the reefs and marine life close to the shore and there is an abundance of reef snorkelling opportunities in Anchor Bay, right in front of Lizard Island resort. Venture further afield to Sunset Beach and Watson's Bay and discover large concentrations of giant clams.

Lizard Island is one of Australia's most remote and breathtaking locations and boasts amazing natural wildlife all year round. Dependent on the time of year you visit you could see a variety of wildlife in action. Visit in May and you could see Green Sea Turtles feeding along the beaches at low tide, beautiful red sunsets over the pacific created by clear skies and early twilights and Swallowtide Butterflies can be sighted around the resort. In September the Marlin season begins with Giant Black Marlin cruising the outer reef during their breeding season, look out for Minke and Humpback whales on the horizon and spot Black Flying Foxes feeding on the mango fruits around the resort at night.

Jamie is an experienced travel writer and for more information tailor made holidays to Australia he recommends contacting Turquo Holidays, experts in luxury travel

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Bandung Tour: 5 Must-Visit Destinations in West Java

West Java is one of major provinces in Indonesia. Not only known for its cool weather, the province, with its capital city Bandung, has many attractive natural and cultural objects to visit. Here are five tourism objects you should visit while you are in Bandung and its surrounding.

1. Tangkuban Perahu Volcano
Tangkuban Perahu, a dormant volcano lies 25 km north of Bandung, is one of the most popular tourism objects in West Java. You can hike or ride to the edge of the volcano's craters to find hot water springs where you can boil eggs there. There are three craters the volcano has: Kawah Ratu (Queen Crater), Kawah Domas (Domas Crater), and Kawas Upas (Upas Crater). Tangkuban Perahu volcano is closely related to Sundanese folktale, Sangkuriang.

2. Angklung Performance
Angklung is one of traditional musical instruments of Indonesia. The instrument is made of multiple groups of carved bamboo tubes attached to a framework of bamboo. In West Java, one of the most popular angklung studios is Saung Angklung Udjo which is located at the suburb of Bandung. The studio is belonged to renowned angklung musician Udjo Nalagena. Besides exhibiting daily angklung performance, Saung Angklung Udjo also provides a workshop, handicraft center, and living museum for you to learn more about

3. Museum Geologi Bandung
This museum is the largest and most complete geological center in Indonesia. The museum which is located on Jalan Diponegoro was first opened in 1929 by the Dutch colonial. With three major rooms (the geology of Indonesia, the history of life, and the geology of human life), there are about 60,000 fossils and 250,000 stones and minerals on display. Since 2006, the museum is opened free for visitors.

4. Ciater Hot Springs
Bathing in hot springs is known to help curing and relieving some ailments and illness such as rheumatic pains and skin problems. You can enjoy hot baths at the Ciater Hot Spring privately at lockable cubicles or communally at the public pools. The five hectare complex of Ciater Hot Springs also offers other attractions such as horseback riding, archery, and spa. For longer visit, you can stay at one of the available bungalows.

5. Gedung Sate
Literary means 'satay building' and was established in 1920 as Gouverments Bedrijven (GB), Gedung Sate was once used as the head office of West Java provincial government as well as West java's house of representative. The building is a landmark of Bandung which has distinguished small satay-shaped structure on its roof. Similar with Museum Geologi Bandung, Gedung Sate is also located on Jalan Diponegoro.

Besides the five tourism attractions, there are many more objects you can visit during your Bandung tour. Visit our link to find out where you can rent car in Bandung, visit our rent car bandung website.

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Bradman and Beyond - The International Cricket Hall of Fame

Only a little more than an hour from Sydney lies the NSW Southern Highlands and the hamlet of Bowral. Set to a backdrop of green fields that would not be out of place in Britain, it was the boyhood home of Sir Donald Bradman, the famed cricketer. Today it is home to the International Cricket Hall of Fame, which includes the Bradman Gallery.

As I wandered through the halls past intriguing artifacts and interactive displays, I couldn't help but be impressed at this tribute to not just a man, but a wonderful game. And yet, something even more striking pervaded my thoughts; just as the game had changed, so had we. Time has seen an amateur game grow into a global business being instantaneously flashed across the globe via satellite. Families no longer huddle around the wireless to hear the broadcast from far flung fields, but check the latest scores on their iPhone Apps.

It's almost a case of innocence-lost in an effort to keep pace with the ever-changing world and ever-increasing competition for market share. And yet in these halls, there are interviews continuously broadcast with elder statesmen using well chosen words in modest tones; there are no 'high-fives' here. One can only wonder at the sponsorship dollars 'The Don' would have accrued in the 21st Century.

And yet, just as the Hall of Fame takes the guest on a journey through the ages, I recognise that change is inevitable. I respect the professionalism and dedication displayed by our modern players in a game that now demands so much of their lives beyond the picket fence. But like life in general, we all have a secret longing for a 'simpler' time I suspect. Furthermore, all too often the good that stems from the sport can be overlooked. The Bradman Foundation is a charitable organisation with a specific charter. A number of players past and present have their own foundations; Glenn McGrath, Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting just to name a few.

As we move forward at an ever-increasing pace and seemingly demand instantaneous gratification from everything, including our past-times, maybe we should stop and pause. Stop and pause to remember those who have founded our institutions, those who have excelled and those who have tirelessly kept the dream alive. Stop and pause to think about the simple pleasures and the sheer joy of youngsters playing the game for the game's sake and little else. Stop and pause about where the future lies and making change for the right reasons.

Sport in itself is not life, but is rich in life's lessons. From a young age, it teaches humility, disappointment, determination and joy. It teaches co-operation, patience and the fact that anything worthwhile takes time and effort. There are so many fledgling qualities that can be introduced through sport and carried through on the larger stage of life.

For my part, I will continue to wander these hallowed halls in Bowral and step lightly between yesteryear and today, trying to learn what I can from past and present. I will recognise that it's 'only a game' but value the lessons and respect the traditions. Places like the International Cricket Hall of Fame are national treasures and not just for the sporting enthusiast, for they offer a glimpse into the past with one foot in the present. And as we know, there is much to be learned from those who have gone before.

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Peru Vacations: Ruins to Visit Other Than Machu Picchu

If you have completed your Machu Picchu tours and are looking for something else to get you excited, or if you are just arriving in Peru and wish to avoid the crowds at the infamous Inca citadel, do not worry, there are plenty of other archeological sites to discover throughout the country. Best of all, due to Peru's rich history of having had many civilizations occupying its land, there are ruins to be found no matter what region you are in. Here are 4 of our favorites:

Northern Peru - Kuelap, Chachapoyas

Although in the Amazonas state, Chachapoyas and Kuelap are not in the rainforest. Rather, this ancient fortress sits high on a ridge over the Utcubamba Valley, earning it the nickname of being Peru's Other Machu Picchu. It was built by the Chachapoyas culture more than 1,300 years ago but was not discovered by modern society until 1843. Impressively, over 400 structures constitute the site of Kuelap, and the cylindrical and otherwise curved shapes make the site look like a marvelous dream sure to make your Peru holidays memorable ones.

Central Peru - Pachacamac, Lima

Lima is the capital city with more than 8 million calling it home, but it was once the base for people such as the Lima and the Huari. It was precisely these societies, and later the Incas, who constructed Pachacamac, a large site just 25 miles south of the metropolis. There are now 17 pyramids identified by researchers, which are believed to have originally been used for religious purposes, in particular to honor Pacha Kamaq, the Earth-Maker. Pachacamac has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site not only for its historical significance today but also because of its importance to the ancient people who would travel for days just to worship here.

Southern Peru - Pisac, Sacred Valley

Just beyond Machu Picchu in the Sacred Valley of the Incas is the site of Pisac. Although the village is now more known for its bustling traditional market on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, the archeological site is largely popular as the best way to whet a traveler's appetite for the big finale of Machu Picchu. The Intihuatana, or Temple of the Sun, is a structure not to miss, and the surrounding Inca crop terraces digging into the mountainsides make the site a true gem. If Pisac does not satisfy, also visit Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, or Moray also in the Cusco and Sacred Valley areas.

This article about Peru ruins and archeological sites was written by a travel expert at Peru For Less who specializes in helping you organize best value Machu Picchu tours as part of your fully customizable Peru holidays.

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The Cuba You Didn't Know - Travellers Guide

Winter coats and scarfs, it always makes me think of the warmer days in the warmer places. I want, no I need sunshine, shorelines and more relaxation then my body knows how to handle. It's always Cuba for me, the friendly people; the culture and architecture that makes you think you stepped back in time to the 1950's.

The Cubans have an incredible way of keeping things as if they were brand new. Being a communist state Cuba has been a self-sustaining country for some time now. As a result you don't see new cars, but antique vehicles driving around as if they just rolled off the assembly line. Incredibly Cubans are capable of fixing things with the few resources available to them. You can sometimes see a car on the side of the road, being worked on by locals as they literally fashion tools and parts right there on the spot, made out of whatever they can find. It is truly a remarkable feat of ingenuity to see. Their creativity is truly an extension of the friendly culture.

What makes the Cuban culture so unique? Simple, it is a melting pot of world sophistication which has matured into its own. Predominantly Spanish and African, Cuba has a long history of migration including Europeans and North Americans. Cuba's demographic collection of 11 million people has led to its current state as a largely neo-classical country, portrayed in its architecture and music.

Music is commonly known as the main expression of culture in the country. The central form is "Son" which literally means "sound", it combines elements of the Spanish guitar and African percussion instruments. Cuban music, as diverse as the culture itself includes musical and dance forms such as Salsa, Mamba and Rumba. You are never short of variety if sounds while visiting Cuba.

Cuban architecture can be surmised as unique amongst the rare. A largely neo-classical motif blankets the country in beautifully hand crafted architectural marvels. Whether it's the classical "Capitol" building or the more modern "Hotel Nacional de Cuba" there is more than you can take time to see.

Cuba offers some of the world's best health care and has become a hotspot for "Medical Tourism" in which citizens from other countries travel to Cuba to utilize its health care services. In 2006 nearly 20, 000 people traveled to Cuba to receive medical treatment for various illnesses. Traditionally used by Europeans, travel tourism represents an opportunity for cheaper medical treatments, usually in the range of 30-40% less than most developed countries. You may not have known this but Cuba accepted all the children who were affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident and offered them free long term health care to help rehabilitate their lives.

Go for the beaches and you will find yourself in a world of plentiful and exciting activities, ripe with history and culture, Cuba is truly a vacation destination that has something for everyone.

Looking to book a Cuba Vacation? There are many options when travelling to Cuba. Finding deals on Cuba Vacations is simple and easy.

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Costa Rica: An Exotic and Eco-Friendly Honeymoon Escape

If you are after a truly unique destination with rainforests and beaches galore, head to Costa Rica, an exciting and secluded retreat fast becoming one of the best honeymoon destinations. Choose from an exciting range of tours and activities and relax in a unique rainforest lodge before planting a tree to commemorate your unforgettable honeymoon experience.

The remote and eco-friendly Lapa Rios Eco Lodge is set in 1,000 acres of Central America's last remaining lowland tropical rainforest. Couples can get close to nature and relax in the peaceful seclusion. Sixteen spacious suiita-thatch bungalows are nestled within the rainforest and provide complete privacy and spectacular ocean views. The interiors are simple and contemporary with warm wooden floors, two bamboo queen-sized beds or one king-sized bed shrouded with soft net and classic bamboo furnishings. Outside there is a private garden and a spacious private deck with a seating area to enjoy a cool drink whilst admiring the panoramic ocean views. Enjoy a dual-showering experience in the modern bathroom. On one side a stone-laid floor massages your feet as you shower under soft, rain-like cool water, providing the sensation of showering in your own private waterfall. A second shower offers the more conventional hot and solar-heated water with tile-floor, perfect for a relaxing cleansing after a day's hike in the rainforest.

Explore the beautiful Osa Peninsula by taking part is some of the fascinating tours and activities offered by the Lapa Rios Eco Lodge. Experienced local guides will provide you with an authentic interpretation of the rainforest and the importance of conservation. You can personalise your honeymoon and arrange to do as few or as many activities as you please. Some of the tours are short such as the starfish walk where you can learn about the marine biology of the Golfo Dulce, one of only four tropical fjords in the world. Tour pristine waters and coconut-shaded beaches and see land crabs starfish and sea cumbers whilst still having plenty of time to relax on your return. For an extended rainforest experience, take the Wild waterfalls tour. Hike through the lush rainforest to pristine waterfalls and splash back along the Carbonera River, ideal for the more adventurous of hikers.

Or why not try your hand at kayaking, where floating in calm waters you will see a different type of forest with a spectacular variety of wildlife. Travel further along the river to the Pejeperro Lagoon and explore the wonderful world of mangroves. For the more adventurous, tour the rainforest at high speed with the thrilling Miramar canopy zip-line. Five lines stretch between five platforms winding 600m through primary forest - an exhilarating way to spend an afternoon!

Spend a morning being pampered in the tranquil setting of the rainforest. Choose from four types of unique massage and relax with nothing but the sounds of the surrounding jungle and softly breaking waves. A rainforest massage is a perfectly blissful experience available only in the best honeymoon destinations.

A special activity recommended for honeymooners is to plant a tree as part of the Lapa Rios reforestation program and leave a memory of their unforgettable honeymoon. Couples will learn about their tree, its role in the ecosystem and receive a certificate to commemorate their efforts.

Jamie is an experienced travel journalist and blogger and for more advice on the best honeymoon destinations he recommends contacting Turquoise Holidays.

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A Honeymoon to the Verdant Forests of Northern Thailand

A luxury honeymoon to North Eastern Thailand provides an exciting and colourful alternative to share your first memories together. Discover the spectacular scenery, exceptional accommodation and sumptuous authentic cuisine. Vibrant yet ornate, Thailand offers a fantastic honeymoon destination.

The beautiful city of Chiang Mai with its golden temples, colourful night market and excellent cuisine provides a vibrant and unique honeymoon experience. Thailand's second largest city has a relaxed atmosphere yet still exudes an intriguing excitement among its fascinating architecture and colourful culture. Chiang Mai is famed for its many intricate temples that encapsulate the Lenna architectural style featuring sloping roofs, ornate gold decor and galae. Visit the Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang temples exhibited the inspiring Thai style. For those captivated by the fascinating Thai temples take a trip to Doi Suthep which offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside from its hilltop position and an impressive golden chedi.

Chiang Mai is ideally situated for honeymooners to explore the lush tropical countryside surrounding the vibrant city. Discover Hilltribe villages hidden away and delve into forest with one of the many trekking options. For those keen to try out the increasingly popular native cuisine, Chiang Mai is home to some of the best restaurants Thailand has to offer. Honeymooners can partake on a half or full day cookery school course and delve a little deeper into the famed local cuisine, a great way to create some of your first memories together as husband and wife.

Explore the breathtakingly beautiful 'Golden Triangle' the area in the North where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet. On a clear day it is possible to see for miles into the neighbouring countries, a memorable experience you can share together. Boasting some of Thailand's best scenery, this is a region of staggering natural beauty confirming it is a beautifully enticing honeymoon destination.

Compliment your romantic adventures in North Eastern Thailand with a stay at the Anantara Golden Triangle Hotel. Occupying a prestigious location overlooking Laos and Burma, the Anantara is situated in the beautiful 'Golden Triangle' region. The architecture of the hotel is authentically Thai, with beautiful ornate features and delicate designs. Honeymooners are treated to one of the luxurious suites, each with a private balcony, a large day bed and a two person stone bath tub. Stylish and elegant, the suites prioritise luxury with a Thai twist. A highlight of the Anantara is the spectacular infinity pool, which enjoys great views of the Golden Triangle and the Mekong River.

Dine at the exquisite Sala Mae Nam and discover rich northern Thai curries and surprising Thai wines. Guests can feast on traditional, authentic Thai cuisine in a magnificent terrace setting, covered by a lofty ceiling and surrounded by dramatic views over the landscape. Honeymooners can delight in the Chef's signature dish, the famed Khao Soi Gai, a delicious northern-style yellow noodle coconut curry with chicken. For that extra special honeymoon touch, the Anantara offers a 'dine by design' option where guests can choose a special location to have a secluded meal. From the lower terrace overlooking the mighty Mekong to the verdant rice paddies or alongside baby elephants in the hotel's Elephant Camp, the hotel will cater to your preferences so you can that extra romantic meal.

Jamie is an experienced travel writer and blogger and for more luxury Thailand honeymoon information he recommends contacting Turquoise, experts in tailor made travel and honeymoons.

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Top 4 Ways to Learn About Peruvian Culture in Peru

The thing about Peruvian culture is that it does not originate from a single identity. In fact, it is the amalgamation of dozens of civilizations that once called the land their home. Societies such as the Wari, Lima, Moche, and other groups called Peru their land centuries before the infamous Inca Empire eventually took over about 600 years ago. Then, the Spaniards of Europe came and colonized what we now know as Peru, making Lima the capital of their efforts in South America. Today, many relics exist throughout the country; here are 4 great ways to plan your Peru travel packages to get a taste of what Peruvian culture means.

1. Visual History
If you enjoy seeing the visual relics of a society, then Peru's museums will impress you. The Larco Museum in Lima holds one of the most fascinating collections of artifacts from the country's countless ancient people, and the San Francisco Church in the city's downtown features beautiful Spanish architecture as well as catacombs the Europeans once used. If you want still more breathtaking sights, book Machu Picchu travel packages outside of Cusco to see one of the most picturesque views of not only South America and the world. Visiting Machu Picchu, a result of Inca ingenuity, is a truly amazing experience.

2. Food
It has been said that there is no better tell of a culture than its food. In Peru, highlights include ceviche, cuy (guinea pig), rotisserie chicken, tacu tacu, anticuchos, and more. These favorites can be found in the fanciest of restaurants in the capital, or in the humblest of small establishments. For drinks, try a neon yellow Inka Cola, or deep dark purple chicha morada juice to wash down your ceviche with. As far as desserts go, alfajor cookies are staples, as well as pies such as of apple or lemon meringue.

3. Geography
Peruvians love their land, literally. The Andes are the highest mountains in the world outside of the Asian Himalayas, yielding stunning landscapes throughout the north and south of Peru. Those living in the high Sierra villages, in fact, have their own unique lifestyles much different than anywhere else in the country.

4. People
The Peruvians love to socialize and party, so the best way to get intimate with the local population is to spend time in a park, out on the street, or attend a festival. They are incredibly welcoming and most travelers will find themselves invited more than ignored.

This article about Peruvian culture was written by a travel expert at Peru For Less who specializes in helping you organize best value Machu Picchu travel packages as part of your fully customizable Peru travel itinerary.

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Peru: More Than Machu Picchu

Peru isn't just all about Machu Picchu, there are other places filled with adventure that can be just as interesting and adventurous as the world wonder. It's important to try and get a feel for the real Peru, so keep in mind some of these top spots where it's likely that you will be the only tourist in the area when you land there.

Ayacucho - There are a vast amount of rolling hills in the Andes mountain range, and here you can find many highland indigenous people who have traditional lifestyles.

Ayacucho is a wonderful Andean City that is visited to take in the brilliant richness of historical culture - partly due to the violence seen in the place in the 1980s and 90s, as well as a lack of easy transport, makes it one of the least-visited cities.

This gives you the opportunity to soak in its colonial atmosphere and original architecture as well as its surrounding mountains and archaeological sites without any crowds of jostling tourists.

There are also more things to see in this jewel of Peru's sierra, and a trip to Ayacucho isn't complete without a look at the Museo de Arte Popular where you can see a large amount of hand-made weavings and woodcarvings to enjoy.

Many people think that as colonial architecture goes, the Plaza de Armas that you can find in Ayacucho is the best preserved in the whole of Peru. One of the best sites is the Vilcashuaman Archeological Site which was an important Incan administrative center.

Once home to 40,000 ancient Incans, all that remains are the ruin of this town. When you get here, you'll be able to take in the large plaza in which ceremonies were performed next to the Ushnu and the Sun Temple - the former being a pyramid that is often referred to as the Seat of the Inca.

Kuelap, Chacapoyas Rival in size and beauty only to its southern counterpart, Machu Picchu, Kuelap is a breathtaking fortress on the top of a mountain in Chacapoyas, built as a citadel by an ancient jungle culture and nearly reaching into the clouds, invisible to passerby below the mountain.

You can get to the tropical jungle ruins in Peru by heading off from either Chacapoyas or Tingo - it's a one hour trips from the former, but a longer three to four hour journey from the latter. Due to a distinct lack of comforts and with it being a daunting trip, not many tourists undertake this journey.

First take a bus either from Cajamarca or Chiclayo to arrive to the town of Chachapoyas. The route is bouncy, but the views are incomparable in their beauty.

Plan to spend a couple of nights in Chachapoyas as there are no other hotels close to the ruins and the town is surprisingly beautiful as it is nestled in the clouds and overlaid with a mysterious mist. From there it is about 27 km to reach the ruins but it can often take over three to four hours to arrive via collectivo. When you get here, you will be able to enjoy the cloud-covered fortress in isolation, then you can take in the valley views while looking at the brilliant ancient citadel.

Peru luxury travel is a great way to see a beautiful country. When you are planning your South America getaway, be sure to have a look at the Peru luxury tours on offer.

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The 10 Best Caribbean Beaches For Fun And Sun

Somewhere right now, in the enchantingly clear Caribbean waters is a pristine beach waiting just for you. And not just any beach, but one of the 10 Best Caribbean Beaches -a tantalizing, soul warming beach that is the perfect reflection of all your awe-inspiring beach dreams. You've seen yourself there, now it's time to actually be there!

Fragrant sea air rides the pleasantly warm back of a salty breeze while sun heated sand soothes your entire body. The choices are yours-scuba, swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing or simply day dreaming and soaking it all in.


Antiguans proudly sport two of the best beaches around:

• Dickenson Bay-located in the northwest corner of the island, Dickenson Bay is simply a one-stop meets all needs beach: Hotels, bars, restaurants, water sports and enough solitude and space to enjoy the escape.

• Half Moon Bay-a luxurious mile long powder-white beach coast with numerous well-known hotels and leading resorts lining this stretch of paradise.


• Palm Beach-Mother of pearl, white-sand beach put Aruba on the best beach map.

Leading travel magazines list Palm Beach as one of the best beaches in the world! It's more populated in the winter, but for swimming, sailing, fishing, or just relaxing, it's perfection wrapped in the spellbinding Caribbean sunshine and decorated with some of the finest hotels and resorts around.

• Eagle Beach-one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Great for water lovers and those seeking other beach activities while still remaining one of the best choice for relaxation.


• The Gold Coast-A premier location for some of the most excellent beaches in the Caribbean. Often referred to as the Platinum Coast, this stretch of heaven hosts some of the most breathtaking deluxe hotels in all the Caribbean!

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

• Seven Mile Beach: This is a very short seven mile beach! Actually it is only five and a half miles long but plenty of space for sun, fun and lots of enjoyment! Dotted with condos and lavish resorts, this beach is known for its wide variety of water sports and its translucent waters.

• Smith Cove-a quiet alternative to Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman, with full facilities, open space and great snorkeling in a protected cove on the South Sound.

• Owen Island, Little Cayman-an 11-acre beach lover's paradise offering a low-key desert-island experience for visitors who desire adventure and want to swim, row, or kayak across the waters of Bloody Bay. If you're looking for a deserted strip of sand Owen Island is your best choice.

When you think about the 10 Best Caribbean Beaches you naturally think of crystal clear waters, warmth and sunshine all to be enjoyed in powdery soft sands that line your way to paradise. Caribbean travel is second to none!

St. Thomas

• Coki Beach-a surprisingly cozy beach located on Coki Point on the eastern end of the island. Beachside eateries serve picnic table fare including burgers, sandwiches and local dishes. The snorkeling is outstanding and additional amenities include: restroom, chairs, lockers, umbrellas, lifeguards, beach waiters and so much more! There's a dive shop, Jet Ski rental booth and vendors renting snorkel gear, floats and noodles. Coki Beach is located right next to Coral World Marine Park for a full day of fun.

• Sapphire Beach-gentle surf, soft sand swimming and excellent snorkeling ranks this vibrant beach located at Sapphire Beach Resort as one of the premier destinations for beach lovers in the know. It really is one of the beast beaches for snorkeling.

No matter which of the amazingly alluring 10 Best Caribbean Beaches you desire to visit you will not be disappointed. The beaches are lined with the best Caribbean beach resorts, shopping, restaurants, views and everything else a dream vacation requires. Choosing the best Caribbean island is up to you when you explore all the intoxicating possibilities. Why wait? You can be there in a blink of an eye by simply booking your dream vacation.

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